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QFG-style "Mage's Initiation" from Himalaya/AGDI

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Yeah, but besides the fact that ActiVision won't let us do anymore, we're kind of tired of doing this for free.

But we are working on a new original Sierra-style adventure game under our commercial brand Himalaya Studios which was just announced! It's an adventure/RPG hybrid like Quest For Glory called "Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements."
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  • Bonito;772721 said:
    Hey guys, Chris here from Himalaya. Yeah, rest-assured, that should we reach our funding goal, we'll definitely be revisiting all the backgrounds and sharpening the details up in some of them!

    The forest screens in particular are a bit blurry because those assets (trees, rocks, bushes, towers etc.) were made in bulk and resized dynamically by the AGS engine. We'll probably scale them manually to various sizes and edit more details into them at a later date.

    Yep, JP Selwood is the same artist who worked on the backgrounds for our King's Quest remakes. He's actually just finished a new high-res background piece for Mage's Initiation which I think is really going to blow people's socks off. We plan to show that in forthcoming update!

    No worries, we're listening to all the feedback and (assuming we hit the target goal and some stretch goals pertaining to artwork) we'll be re-examining all of these things. We've always been all about polishing our games up to the optimal level, so we'll do what we can to meet expectations.

    Cheers for your support!
    Good Luck, Chris. I've played all of the KQ remakes and I love them to bits.

    I really do hope the animated cutscenes in Mage's Initiation get more attention to detail than what we saw in the Kickstarter promotion video.
  • Thanks!

    The cutscenes aren't actually much different in style to the game graphics. Most of the stuff you've seen is work in progress with no shading added yet. The cutscene backgrounds are all being handled by JP so that they maintain consistency with the regular game screens. The detail and shading we're adding to the cutscene characters is also consistent with the number of colors used in each characters' sprite palette.

    But like I mentioned earlier, the amount of detail/shading in the cutscenes depends on the funding level, and we'll look into that further if we hit the $100k stretch goal.
  • I really like the look of a background/wallpaper they revealed in a recent Kickstarter update:

  • :D. They easily made their initial goal already and will be funded. Very happy to see that.

    Hope they meet their stretch goals for all the excellent things they have planned.
  • Seeing as we've reached our goal (and surpassed it so far by over $8k!) you can now pledge via PayPal!

    Another $1900 or so and we'll reach our first stretch goal!
  • I'm pretty impressed with the rewards. The $100 tier looks especially awesome compared to the lackluster $110 tier of the Dreamfall: Chapters kickstarter. Haven't decided where I'll end up pledgewise, but I'm hoping (against odds perhaps) that they'll reach the $120,000 strech goal. Linux is really shaping up as the gaming platform of the future. :)
  • Yea their rewards are especially nice.
  • I also hope they get to $120K!

    Happy to see many other Telltale fans over there backing Mage's Initiation. Can't ever have enough great adventure games.
  • They just released a free public demo here:

    Some comments from Himalaya team members left in response to feedback on their comment page...

    Chris Warren:
    Keep in mind that this demo was tailored to the press who may not necessarily be adventure game players, so the puzzles were intentionally made very easy so that they would be able to reach the end without major frustrations (we didn't want them to quit early and give it a bad write-up). The puzzle seen in the demo won't appear anywhere in the game, and the actual game puzzles will, of course, be more thought-provoking.
    As for the combat, the reason we released the demo was, in part, to get feedback so that we can tailor any early suggestions into the final game. Can you explain why you found it hard and if you have any suggestions?
    Daniel Stacey:
    As Chris said, the puzzle/s were designed to be very easy, so those reviewing the demo could play it through quickly and get on with writing up their article. :) As for the combat, we are very interested in how it might benefit from further refinement. Personally, I have rubbish reflexes, but I find much satisfaction in knocking out a bunch of pygmy goblins all at once. I'll assume that's healthy...
    I haven't had a chance to try out the demo yet, but will later today.
  • Fans of classic-style adventure games, you can support this great indie adventure game developer by voting for Mage's Initiation to be available on

    Several fans have been expressing surprise and disappointment over the apparent strange unwillingness on the part of GOG to approve Himalaya titles, including Mage's Initiation, which was recently Greenlit on Steam:

    If you haven't played their free, full-length, classic-style adventure game remakes, you should check them out:

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