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Something I don't understand.

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So originally, they were going to make you play as Clementine's brother. but the idea was scrapped because they didn't like the idea of having a pre-existing relationship with Clementine, alright fair enough. So the only change necessary was to make a young adult or late teen(Between the age of 17-20) to bump into Clementine, that would've fixed the whole " pre-existing relationship thing " and as the game went along they could have developed a brother and sister type relationship. Right?

But they didn't do it that way, it would have made the most sense, so instead, they made alot of changes..without any explanation.

They changed the relationship from a brother figure to a father figure
They changed the main character to African American
They changed Clementine's ethnicity from Caucasian to African American(So people would think she is Lee's daugther)
They changed it so Clementine has a mother and a father. Originally, Clementine didn't have a father.

Is it explained anywhere why all these changes were made? honestly, I know I am one of the very few people to say this, but I would have preferred to play as a brotherly figure. At least Clementine would have felt more like a companion and somebody I am just looking out for than playing daddy. It wouldnt have felt like a daddy simulator.

Not to mention that this has been done SO MANY TIMES in other games already. Hell, Dead Rising 2 had a similar setting where I had to take care of a little girl.

So yeah, does anybody have any input on this?
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  • Wait, I don't understand where you got this information about all this?

    -.- Oi, your that guy with the "What if Larry kissed Clementine" thread.
  • DreadMagus;775885 said:
    but I've never been able to harvest a little sister. :p
    Same here <- Just feels wrong when even thinking about it... :D
  • ""Because kids suck as main characters in survival drama - unless all of the characters are under-aged.

    No adult, let alone group of adults, is going to take the lead of a kid - not when survival is at stake""

    I think it's funny that you said that considering that Lee hardly ever took the lead throughout the entire game, besides, the young adult would be really mature and resourceful for his age, like Clementine is for her age and as the game progresses, he'll be less afraid and more experienced and act more mature, because you can't afford to be kid in the new world.

    Anyway, of course he wouldn't be taken that seriously right away, hell, he'd start off kinda like Ben....I guess.....well, maybe not as bad as Ben.

    I am aware that alot of teenager/young adults protagonist are annoying, but so are children in video games and look what they managed to do with Clementine, I am pretty sure they can make a really good young adult character. Hell, they managed to make the best black guy protagonist ever in a video game.
  • double_u;775868 said:
    Speaking of BioShock, recently been playing the first one since Infinity is on its way out, and I no longer have the heart to harvest Little Sisters for ADAM! It makes me think too much of Clementine! Damn you TTG for giving me a heart! :rolleyes:
    I remember my friend harvesting a few early on, justifying it by saying that he was doing it to save Atlas's family.
    His face when he received the psychotic-evil ending was priceless.
    Toitle_John;775891 said:
    "What if Larry kissed Clementine" thread.
  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha ^
  • Bioshock 2's evil endings creeped me out the most. I've nerver played the series though
  • You guys gone completely off-topic, this board is to discuss The Walking Dead. Bioshock has it's own forum if you want to discuss the game on there.
  • It's a typical forum thread, it deviates much like normal conversations.

    Regarding the original post, what is it you actually want to know? Why certain story decisions were made? Well you'll probably never get a full answer. Suffice it to say that Jake Rodkin & Sean Vanaman (and more, the longer the project went on) worked on the basic story outline for a fair while and what they ended up with is what is in the game for better or for worse.

    Whose to say what would be better regarding things like the age of the main character or standing relation to secondary characters? There is no right way to create a story and the writers here wrote what they thought best fit their goals and the source material.

    What's to understand?
  • I really liked Lee's character, and how he turned into Clementine's father figure since Lee has no children. I prefer that the main characters were not related to each other because it would just feel like the relationship would force us to immediately like the character o.o
  • A veces las cosas no siempre son explicables, mira una persona desconocida pude tener mayor afecto por otra no depende del origen de la cercanía familiar si no por protección, observa el abuso en las escuelas principalmente donde hay menores por decirlo para una pelea o ayuda a uno y te siguen como cachorritos, cuando alguien no es capaz de solucionar un problema se apoyan con el más adecuado a la solución de su problema, en este caso Lee era el más centrado del grupo si checaste la expresión de la niña en la granja cuando se marcharon no vio más que a Lee no vio a los demás ella considero que no era gusto del mismo modo en la escena cuando movieron el escritorio es por tener alguien de confianza y que saben que pueden contar con esa persona, cuando inicio el capítulo 5 esa confianza se rompió, Telltales busco la manera de romper esa unión y usarla a su favor con fines lucrativos pero esa es otra historia.
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