Season 2 predictions- Where did Lily go?/ Links in the walking dead universe/ A DLC!

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Where did Lily go?

I assume that many people forgot about Lily in episode 4 and 5 until the end of episode 5 when you are reminded of all your choices and how your choices effected each character. But I'm sure it has crossed all The Walking Dead player's minds especially in episode three when she either stole the RV or ran off into the woods is where did she actually go? Well I have a got a possible location. When we were in Lee's parent's drug store in Macon (Everett's Prescriptions hehe! :D) if you talk to her when she is taking care of her fat arse dad Larry she actually ends up saying that she worked in a air force base called Warner Robins. What if she went there? Lily was the person in the group with all the survival skills Mark says that in episode 2 at the dairy farm owned by the St. Johns. So she obviously knows where to go and what better place to go than an AIR FORCE BASE! I wouldn't be surprised if she met another group already there and she joined up with them. Maybe? And I think she may bump into the group you are playing with. I think one member of your group will end up shooting her and you will soon discover that it was actually Lily! Awkward! anyway message me what you think!

Links in The Walking Dead universe.

OK so this is just a fact for those who don't know even though it says in the credits of both The Walking Dead by Telltale games and The Walking Dead TV show by AMC but bitch please who reads the credits. BORING! Anyway the TV show as well as The Walking Dead game by Telltale Games all link up to a comic made by Robert Kirkman. It is basically the same story as the TV show. But all of it links up because it is in the credits of The Walking Dead game as well as the TV show all of them say 'based on the comic by Robert Kirkman' So somewhere, sometime the game must link up with the TV show and the comic. I realize that this is a lot to take in but it's important you know this before coming to any conclusions about season 2 of The Walking Dead game.

DLC!- Up at noon

A few weeks ago a Telltale producer announced a DLC coming out for The Walking Dead game. I am unsure of the date of it's arrival but it will be before season 2 and season 2 is estimated to come out around autumn this year so the DLC for SEASON 1 must come out before autumn. I doubt Spring because that is too soon, Summer maybe? The picture representing this DLC has Christa, Ben, Lee and Kenny included in it. Christa is holding a gun to her head, Ben is shocked and idle (as usual), Kenny is making a grab for her not violently but trying to get her to stop and Lee is holding him back. Why is Christa holding a gun to her head? Where is Omid? Is it because Omid is dead or is it that she doesn't want to have her baby? Why is Kenny, Lee and Ben there if they supposedly died? OMG WHERE IS CLEMENTINE?! D: These questions will not be answered until we have further information on the topic. Telltale are just keeping us waiting, torturing us. All this will hopefully be answered shortly we will just have to wait and see.

Anyone with further information on these three theories or any other theory you may have please share it with us. hope you enjoyed this and I'll post to you soon. Bye! :D
P.S STAY AWESOME! :D :D :D :) :) :)


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