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Steam version?

posted by Shrubby0147 on - last edited - Viewed by 248 users
Hello I have had the steam version ever since it has been released episode by episode. I loved the game...

First off after all the episodes where released, I did manage to finish the game. I want to play other choices in the game.
I should have posted here ages ago but I just recently reinstalled the game to play again. 2 issues.

First issue being after I went through the first episode again, my choices didn't save, I saved Carly but had Doug in ep 2... My boyfriend had same issues with his steam version, so I left it for a bit, uninstalled it.

Now forgetting about issue one, I just finished episode 1, I get a black screen and curser as well as a picture on the left indicating I have an axe in my lil inventory. That is it and the game wont load from there.

Thank you.
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