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Just how long does it take for a zombie to completely decompose?

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
I mean, we're left to assume there are millions, if not billions of walkers infesting the world of the WALKING DEAD, all of which are in varying stages of rot, but it hardly ever seems to affect their ability to stalk living humans. They can only keep going for so long before their brain putrefies into liquid, or the muscles in their limbs decay to the point where they wouldn't be able to move.

I'm not an avid reader of the comic book, so I don't know if this issue was ever directly addressed.
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  • Mornai;776315 said:
    Bah, they need not worry about that! Just let it fall out of their exposed stomachs and intestines, and they're good to go(they won't know the difference). ;)
    Well... as far as we know.

    "Yo John! Did you see that sweet chick walking past?"
    "Oh yeah, Jake, I tried to get close but she started attacking me."
    "Damn, man. You okay? Your intestines are falling out..." 0.o
    "Yeah... I don't know why she didn't try to eat them. I was disappointed."
    "Eh, you'll find someone out there."
    "Yeah. I'll just rest easy for a bit, and then we'll go to her neighbor's for a quick bite"
    "Hell yeah!"
    "Yo, those are my intestines!"
    "Uh...sorry. Got confused I guess."


    Exactly how zombie friends would be xD. Especially reacting to a wound ;)
  • Si quieres saber realmente checa, un cuerpo en caja por muerte natural tarda 8 años en descomponerse al menos las partes internas se seca como una pasita, ahora un cuerpo a la intemperie es promedio de 1 semana y queda tieso como paleta, si estuvo consciente de su muerte es casi instantáneo en quedarse tieso, como lo sé, fue mi segundo empleo bastante desagradable pero buena paga y te acostumbras a ver cadáveres, ahora si un cuerpo muerto no le sacas la sangre se convierte en un globo lleno de sangre con tantito que lo toques revienta y eso mis amigos es feo, uno de mis amigos se desmayó y tenía más tiempo en el trabajo, ahora supongamos en el universo de los muertos vivientes, es poco probable que puedan moverse en un plazo mayor de 3 semanas, solamente comen carne, hazlo y se te revientan los pies los ojos se secan por no decir que te hinchas completamente tendrías falla en el hígado y los riñones las manos se hinchan a tal grado que no eres capaz de mover los dedos, prácticamente seria ver a un luchador de sumo mal fajado, es donde más les falla a los creadores de zombis, pero estamos hablando de algo irreal, ahora hay que sumarle el clima si es frio el tiempo de putrefacción es menor pero se endurecen las extremidades, si hace calor se descompone rápido los órganos internos lo de afuera queda casi intacto, como sea, si fuera real se mueren en un plazo no mayor de 1 mes aun comiendo todo el día, el cerebro solito explota se hincha por tanta presión como una olla exprés, eso es feo y asqueroso.
  • Mornai;776215 said:
    I suppose we could believe that whatever is causing them to reanimate in the first place is also at fault for slowing/halting their decomposition, which continues to remain a mystery.
    Sounds good to me. We don't even no what IT is.
  • Mark$man;776574 said:
    Actually, I think many people would say the walker was Lori :P
    And those people would be wrong. :p It was confirmed by the creators (you can actually see the bits of her hair and such around its mouth and hands).
  • Rommel49;776585 said:
    And those people would be wrong. :p It was confirmed by the creators (you can actually see the bits of her hair and such around its mouth and hands).
    yeah, I saw. At first I thought Lori escaped somehow.
  • No one at the CDC could figure it out. So whose to say what ever it is keeps them from decaying at would be considered a normal rate. Man does not know everything nor can we explain everything. All this could be the wrath of god. When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth. Either way not having a definite answer makes it even scarier because know one truly knows how to solve the problem. Hell it could be alien and earths law and rules may not even apply like decay. Who knows.....
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