Have you ever done this?

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Have you ever muted the game's voices and did a little voice acting yourself?


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    I don't even mute the voices. I just do it in time with the actual game. And then my sister knocks on the door and tells me to shut up, so I have to stop. :(
  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    Can't say I have, but this sounds tempting though... :P
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    That's it guys!
    We're doing an abridged series!

    ... Only thing is.. Which game would you pick..
    (Maybe something like Devil May Cry or something...)
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    If we are abridging, count me in. I have to use my former radio experience for something...
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    I think doing this would improve King's Quest V quite a bit.
  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    If someone faxes me the technical requirements, I might even be interested. :D
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    I mute the game's voices, turn the resolution down to 640 by 480, turn on subtitles, turn music all the way up, and then it's like I'm playing old-school LucasArts games.
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