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Need help with the walking dead game

posted by sarah8993 on - last edited - Viewed by 606 users
I'm using windows 7 visual desktop (VMware Fusion 4) to play the walking dead game pc version. However, at every start up of the game, right after the car crash incident (Lee and the cop). My visual desktop freezes and then crash. I have restart the VMware fusion 10 times and the game itself, and it just keep crashing.

What should I do?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Running the game in a virtual machine is only a last resort solution, because it has its drawbacks in performance and compatibility.

    Why don't you run the Mac version?
  • Or use bootcamp. I've been gaming on windows through bootcamp for a while now and it works perfectly.
  • I don't have the Mac version. I bought Mac a year ago and decided to transfer my games to Mac, but since most of my games are Windows version, so I use VMware.

    and I guess I'll try with bootcamp.
    Thank you. :)
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