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I wonder if they will make Clementine talk to Lee in season 2

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We all know Telltale has taken a couple ideas that are part of the comic i.e when Lee and Clementine, like Glenn and Rick realize that they could walk through hoards of zombies without being mauled if they smear zombie blood on themselves. I wonder if in season 2 if Clementine talking to Lee would be another. Like Michonne did with her boyfriend and Rick with his Wife after they died. Maybe be a way for her, *and a few of us out there in denial* to have a moment to part with Lee.
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  • Well maybe not as a ghost, zombie or hallucination. I was thinking along the lines of a scene, or several scenes of her talking to Lee and her hearing Lee talk to her. Kinda like with Rick with the phone. Although the hallucinations of Lee would be an interesting choice. but I'm not so sure if we would like that idea throughout the whole season. maybe the first episode
  • Signs of Clem growing crazy?

  • By hallucinations I mean Clem mysteriously whispering to herself, or trying to interact with nothing. You as the player don't see 'Lee' until the very end, when walker Lee attacks. Then you realize what was happening.
  • Robert Morgan;776730 said:
    So you'd basically play as a ghost? I'm not sure how practical that would be.
    You wouldn't play as 'Lee'. You'd play as the PC chosen, and look after Clem. 'Lee' is a figment of Clem's mind to help her cope.
  • I really hope TellTale do deliver something emotional like this. TellTale have the potential to do so, so if they do I hope they do it right:)
    Here's some sort of scenario I would like to experience during Season 2: Assuming you play the role of Clementine, I would like to have a moment were Clementine is still becoming attached to a new group of survivors she encountered, possibly through confronting the two silhouettes in the Countryside. Anyway, these 'Strangers' have set up a temporary camp at an abandoned Farm House or Barn and are sat beside a fire. Clementine wanders off into the wooded area nearby still questioning the safety of the camp and the strangers. Clem sits beside a tree, her pistol in hand. She repeatedly loads, readies and unloads her pistol to get used to it. She also begins to aim down the sights to get comfortable with a pistol once again as she did on the Train with Lee in Episode 3. As she does this a dark shadow looms behind her. She hears footsteps and aims her gun. She places her finger on the trigger and before she fires the silhouette enters the moonlight and it is seen to be 'Lee'. The two converse as if Lee was physically there beside her. She speaks of her new allies and apologizes for what happened to Lee as she feels responsible. The conversation finally concludes with dialogue similar to the conversation Lee and Clem share as he pushes her on the swing at the St John's Dairy. "Don't Worry... We're Safe Here"... Clem begins to tear up and wipes her eyes, before she says something she looks up to see Lee has vanished. Suddenly a Zombie emerges from the brush and attacks Clem...
  • That sounds fucking good ! lol I'd like to see that in season 2 it could be interesting and it would be good to see Lee again :)
  • Traumatic hallucinations aren't a good way to grant closure with loved ones.
    Outside of dreams, the most I could see her doing is having another solemn make believe talk to console herself, like she first did with her parents on the radio.

    "Never stay in the same spot for long.. Right Lee?"
  • What if she use the walkie talkie to converse with Lee like her parents. Asking Lee things like what would you do in this situtation or telling him her thoughts/worries.
  • GREYxDUZxKRUSH;777754 said:
    What if she use the walkie talkie to converse with Lee like her parents. Asking Lee things like what would you do in this situtation or telling him her thoughts/worries.
    Dude, that'd be super creepy. You as the PC watching Clem talk to you(basically) over the walkie talkie. I'd be like "uh, wut?"
  • The walkie is gone. Either it's on Lee's pant pocket in some abandoned jewelry store, or it's left in the hotel room with the dead stranger. Glenn never came back to Macon to give her the other one, so.... Yeah, it's gone for good.

    I still say this kind of thing is a bad idea. She trusts Lee, yes, but she always held her parents in higher regards. Lee's death hurt her, yes, but it was more because it meant she was all alone. Her parents have a much bigger influence on her life. Their deaths hurt her even more.

    I wouldn't mind hearing an echo of the advice Lee gave Clementine as she does something, but even then, it wouldn't add anything beyond spelling out to the player that "you taught her this". We already know what we taught her. Besides, season one made a point of telling us when something could potentially affect the future. It didn't remind us when it actually happened. Saved Clem in the pharmacy? "She will remember that". When she brings it up again, it didn't say "see? She remembered what you did?".

    But, it is what it is.
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