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Can we have more creative deaths in season 2?

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Almost ALL the deaths were walker pinning Lee down and going for the intestines... The only creative ones were Clems deaths and Glenn, Carleys, Lees death when you try to save Irene. Every death I had was Lee getting eaten in the same place. It gets really boring after a while. Clems death in episode 5 where she gets her head smashed in by a statue is the only good one... This was almost most of the deaths and im sure im not the only one who wants more creative deaths ( im probably the only one. )

Telltale make better deaths please.
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  • I get where you're coming from, but I liked the non-canon deaths. (Except for Clem's. Those were messed up.)

    Telltale put a lot of work into the non-canon deaths, showing different scenarios and dialogue.

    It'd be cool if they did this with season 2.
  • I think the deaths are fine. Would rather them use the time for story/choices.
  • GREYxDUZxKRUSH;776856 said:
    I think the deaths are fine. Would rather them use the time for story/choices.
    Agreed. There isn't really much of a need for more varied deaths. Intestines are the walkers primary goal, it doesn't make much sense for them to suddenly switch it up. Plus, you're not supposed to try for those death scenes, they're there solely to explain the game over.

    Telltale has stated that making these death scenes is expensive, so they'd probably be forced to cut back on some other aspects if they made glorious deaths for every situation that can be failed(a lot). The focus of the game is not about killing zombies or brutal gore scenes, it's about the story and emotional trauma of the characters.
  • Would be a nice thing to have of course, just like better controls in the shootout scenes, but it isn't necessary, they should rather focus on story and great characters...
  • This idea makes me think of Dead Space, where every time I died I got to see my protagonist brutally ripped apart in various ways by the Necromorphs. It was actually pretty fun to watch.
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