BBB Telltale doesn't give a crap

After purchasing TWD on XBox (preorder) and experiencing numerous problems with this game, I decided to contact the BBB to report the neglect and poor follow up telltale has. I returned the game over a month ago and received my full refund thankfully. However it really upset me when I received a letter by the BBB this week and they reported that telltale ignored my complaint and my complaint has been "unanswered". Not entirely a bad thing because this will reflect negatively on the telltale BBB rating.
I was very excited for this game coming out and was very excited when I played it for the first time because it's such an innovative game. I am very disappointed with the lack of follow up and care that telltale has shown me and I'm sure others of the gaming community. If anyone is as disappointed as me please log onto the BBB site and voice your opinions. My case # was 57244090 if anyone from telltale reads this and thinks I'm joking. I will never purchase another product from your company, nor will I ever speak favorably of your company.


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    This is a good post! Way to be pro-active ... unlike some other people we know ...
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    I bought the disc and waited weeks for the download codes to fix the hitching problem. They finally sent the codes only to now have the save problem and still cant play.
    The store I bought the game from refuses the refund because the game is open and this joke of a company ignores me.
    I paid this company for nothing but stress.

    I'm calling the BBB tomorrow.
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