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  • And to think that the last moments of the game suggest you might be playing as Clementine in the next season, urgh and barf again.:(
  • Playing as Clem would be illogical, she's a child, unable to be the leader of others to order around, clear out a space with walkers on her own and so forth.
  • what about the zelda games ? ico ? 'baby mario ?

    they weren't exactly killing machines when they first started out...
  • First off... if you spoil, why for fuck's sake don't you go to the fucking Spoiler Forum?
    Can some moderator move this thread? I wasn't spoiled, since I've played it already, but others might still want to enjoy this game theese days too...

    Anyways, you've got some points...
    Whoever does not like Clementine (for whatever reason...) won't enjoy this game too much, still there are great moments too, but if you don't like her the whole thing feels forced upon you, and you can't possibly understand all the emotions the game wants you to feel.

    I love this game very much, since I feel what this game wants me too, and to me it doesn't feel forced upon me, I had very parental feelings for Clem, so this game ripped my heart out of my fucking chest, and... yeah...

    But this game is in no way false advertising, it gives you what it promises you, the story IS in some ways tailored by how you play, of course we imagined more when we saw that saying pop-up on our screens, but the illusion works just great unless you find out what happens if you decide to do some things different on a second run,
    and the game did deserve all of the goty awards, since the acting is amazing, the characters are well written, the emotions feel as real as games could possibly get, the story is cool and the zombies look awesome, the soundtrack is epic... yeah... what more is there to wish for?

    You just can't prevent things from happen because whatever you think (like: No Lee, don't go there, it's a trap...) the character you play, Lee in episode 4 when he approaches the trash bin for example, his mind's occupied with Clem missing, he doesn't think about the possibillity of a walker laying behind the cardboard, he just wants to pick up the talkie and look for Clem... If your family was missing, would you be able to think every step through perfectly? I don't think so... anyways liking this game or not is up to everyone themselves.
  • Mass Effect 3 is a better example of illusion of choice than the Walking Dead. I read in an article where it was stated that the game will NOT have an A, B, or C type ending, and then that was exactly what happened. I still loved the game, however.

    At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn't disregard the fact that a product is good.
  • What this game needed to make it your own were some RPG survival elements and progression of your own making similar to Dragon Age Origins or Mass Effect(for example in ME2 you had complete control over everyone's survival if you employed logical thinking and payed attention to what had been said in conversations with all of them).
    Lacking that everything feels forced and pointless.

    You might as well be watching the movie or TV show.

    It's not even an illusion of a choice, it's an illusion of a game.
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