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Rick Grimes Vs Lee Everett

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Hey Guys! I'm new to The Walking Dead Forums and this is my first Thread:) I hope you all like it:) Anyway, I wanted to know, who is the better Walking Dead Protagonist? In my opinion I believe Lee Everett is the better 'Hero' in The Walking Dead universe. I chose Lee as he's a likable and generally awesome character (Depending on your choices). He's considerate of others and protective over those he cares for. Of course Rick shares the same traits, but I think Lee wins as he maintains his Sanity during his time 'In a World ruled by the Dead'. Rick slowly stumbles out of control and in both the TV and Comic Universe loses his Sanity relatively quickly. However Lee hadn't lost as much as Rick did in such a short time, so it's a difficult choice. And Lee is an original the player gets to develop... What do you guys think?;)
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  • I agree with Corcline27:) The Comic and Game are better than the TV show, which is Great In My Opinion, But I believe the Video Game and Graphic Novels are almost on Par with each other as they are both exciting and emotional tales from different perspectives in a World gone to Hell:P
  • Agreed. I am re-reading the comics and I'm in the middle of the Prison Arc, its EVEN BETTER the 2nd time through. It's Robert Kirkman at his finest for sure.
  • I have to say that I find the two incomparable. :P

    Rick was a great man who was given responsibility he didn't really seem to want, but felt obligated to take. You can say the same for Lee, more or less (though Lilly and Kenny I feel shared a lot of the leadership role), but there are two distinct differences:

    One is that Rick (and some of his group) have lasted years longer than Lee. If Lee had lasted the same length of time, I wonder how he would have turned out. Especially if he got to live with all of the mistakes he made along the way.

    The other is that Lee was blessed to know the fate of his family (all dead with no way he could have helped) and a clear-cut end with his wife. Is she dead? Maybe. Probably. He doesn't know, but though he seems to still love her, that relationship ended a long, long time ago.
    Rick had to watch the people he cared for most **spoilers** (Shane, Lori, Judith) die. Along with many friends he made along the way. Not to mention that he actively could have prevented, and did cause some of the deaths. The only person he really has left is Carl, even though he does have friends and a love interest. (Being vague on purpose 'cause I have no idea how to do spoiler thing lol.)

    For those reasons, I can't really compare the two because I feel they aren't on equal footing.

    If I had to, though, I would say I probably would consider Rick the better protagonist. I think he definitely had to make harder choices than Lee, had to do more deplorable things than Lee, lost more than Lee, and has more at stake than Lee. And while he might have lost his happy, he never really lost his resolve. I find that admirable. And I think he's raising his son to be a better leader than he himself ever could be. :P
  • I have to say that I find the two incomparable.
  • I like Lee over Rick, especially in the show, but if I had to rate them, it's have to be comic Rick > Lee > TV Rick. However, game> comic > show
  • The One-Armed Bandit, of course.
  • JakeSt123;777284 said:
    The One-Armed Bandit, of course.
    Rick is one-armed in comics.
  • I pick Lee - anyone who can charge one handed into a horde of walkers like a got'damn Space Marine and win... is DA MAN.
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