TWD support on Windows 8 PC

1) Is the Telltale game The Walking Dead finally supported on the Windows 8 PC platform for 32 and 64bit?

2) Has the game pad controller / dinput8.dll error that causes the game to crash and in some cases corrupt game saves fixed (not work-around) for Windows 8 PCs?

3) If Telltale does not intend to support Windows 8 for this title what are my options as the customer who purchased it?

I've owned this title via Steam for 4 months now and have been waiting patiently.



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    As far as I know Telltale doesn't support Windows 8 yet, so that's pretty much that.
    There hasn't been an official fix for the Windows 8 dinput8.dll yet, except for downloading another version or unplugging the controller altogether.
    If the game doesn't work at all or you require more support, all you can do is e-mail the support of Telltale and hope for a response and / or fix.
    But I'm guessing you've probably already did that.

    Hopefully DjNDB or MattP have more information or options for you. Also, try searching the forums for Windows 8 threads. You never know if there's a workaround which might just work.
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    I'm sorry to say i was really hoping to play and enjoy this game .. but nor TellTales nor steam gave me a choice .. i have had the game for a while but decided to play it now .. i'm using Windows 8 Pro 64bit and sincerely i don't get what's so hard that they can't fix .. its a pain in the behind .. when i tried to start i couldn't then i read it was because i needed some kind of dinput8.dll .. i was like WTF but if it does the job i'll get it .. so i get it and it works (for starting game purposes only) i get to the main menu, start game, but when i gain control of my character it says .. "use your right stick to look around" .. when i slightly touched the right stick .. the crossair/cursor thingy whent all the way to the side i pushed ..

    TellTales: are you really that little interested in satisfying your customers that you can't just add a controller sensitivity on your options.

    i have looked everywhere and it seems like TellTales doesn't care at all about this, cause i've seen posts from like 5 months ago .. and no official solution has yet been given .. this makes me rethink and get to the conclusion, I WILL NEVER BUY A TELLTALES TITLE FOR PC/ CONSOLE OR WHATEVER AGAIN, IF YOU DON'T SHOW INTEREST IN SUPPORTING YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS THEN I WON'T SHOW INTEREST IN BUYING ANYTHING FROM YOU I'M REALLY SORRY FOR THE DEVS THAT TOOK THEIR TIME TO WORK ON THIS GAME BUT .. IT'S REALLY BAD SUPPORT AND IT LOOKS BAD. THIS MAKES ME VERY SAD .. AS I SAID I WAS REALLY WANTING TO PLAY THIS GAME.
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