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The Pixar Thread

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 984 users
Well with Monster's University (The prequel to one of my favorite Pixar movies) coming up, i thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss Pixar's movies may it be the extremely good ones like Toy Story,The Incredibles and Monster's Inc or the not as good ones like Cars 2. In my opinion Pixar has made some of the best animated movies. So anyway some of the things people can talk about are the Pixar movies, games, references, and anything that is Pixar :)

Also has anyone noticed that in Cars 2 during the credits when it shows Paris you can see Gusteau's restaurant from Ratatouille. Also strangely enough i don't think the sign of the restaurant shows Gusteau as a car. I think it shows him in his normal self and not as a car :/.
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