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  • It's complete conjecture at this point, but a new Team Fortress 2 update contains items that might hint at a new Poker Night game. Some details here:


    Judging by the items, it looks like the cast might include:
    • Brock Samson (Venture Bros)
    • Sam (Sam & Max)
    • Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
    • Penny Arcade character, maybe Gabe?
    • Portal 2 character, maybe Chell with Wheatley or Potato!GLaDOS to do the talking for her?

    I am SUPER excited if this is accurate, as I love all of these characters. One of the posts in the linked topic theorizes that the game may be announced in a couple of weeks at PAX, where the original Poker Night was announced, so we might know more soon!
  • The Handsome Jack mask could be anyone from Borderlands 2, really. All five vault hunters can potentially have gotten their hands on that mask by the end of the game.

    I'd wager that Brock's knife could be from someone other than Brock, too. Dr. Venture seems like the type to bet that on a whim when he doesn't even own it, or it could be from the Monarch or one of the more important Henchman duo, something kept after they got stabbed by it.
  • The Necronomicrown is from Evil Dead, not Penny Arcade. Most likely Ash.

    Edit: these topics got merged and it turned me into having doubleposts, how rude
  • I really hope that the Handsome Jack mask means that Handsome Jack himself would be the character representing Borderlands. Claptrap is an annoying blight that would make me hold off on buying the game right away, and the other four protagonists are made of cardboard.

    Can't wait for the stories that Ash and Brock would have to tell, though.
  • Ash has no gaming connection as yet though... Does this hint at an as yet unannounced TTG Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Game featuring Bruce Campbell?!
  • Oh and my money is on Portal character being Whetley based on the factthe new ApSapp TF2 item has new Wheatley dialogue recorded by Stephen Merchant...
  • Yeah, guys, that Necronomicrown isn't just Ash's, it's what Evil Ash wore in Army of Darkness. We might have a Deadite in the Inventory.
  • Just for clarification, all the items in the code/files are called "PN2_", except for a couple of promos for other items.

  • I gotta be entirely honest, I'm not that excited. While most of them are cool, I've never played Borderlands (1 or 2) and I honestly don't like Venture Bros. I thinks it's not funny. Not that it isn't funny, but that it is actively the opposite of funny. So while I do like the idea of Sam, someone from Portal and Evil Ash in the room, the others are kinda... meh. Are we sure that the Brock one is for Poker Night 2, though? Doesn't Valve has a thing going on with Comedy Central now? Maybe it's unrelated. If so, then my excitement level will rise significantly.
    Still hoping for Murder Night at the Inventory someday, though.
  • I do wish Poker Night 1 had sold better. I was really looking forward to Murder at the Inventory.

    I don't know any of these franchises except Sam & Max, so can only comment really on that character choice. If it's in a desperate attempt to keep the franchise in Telltale's hands (I remember hearing a 5-year rule from Steve Purcell in a podcast or something), then fine. I just wish a character with more humorous and/or showstopping personality had been chosen, whether it be Papierwaite/Norrington, Skun'ka-pe, Jurgen, Superball or Flint Paper had been chosen. The trouble is all the other characters' one-dimensional personalities would get old really quickly in a poker game.

    Why would TT have only one franchise of their own in there? At one time, we were doing fantasy lineups. Ok so they're not allowed to do Monkey Island and the Chapman brothers are too busy to get involved but I'm pretty sure Universal would let them put Biff in from Back to the Future, or perhaps we could have a Fables character if Bill Willingham agrees to a special outing of one of the characters. Hell, Aardman Studios might allow Major Krum or Constable Dibbins to be used again from Wallace & Gromit.

    Ok part of it is my fault for not being cultured enough but until I see a trailer, this lineup leaves me extremely cold.
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