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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 446K users
One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • GaryCXJk;777693 said:

    After a month of campaigning for my novel, giving my novel away for free (literally for free, no strings attached), I've decided to just give up. I'll extend the ELDRITCHFAIRYTALESTTG coupon until the end of 2018, but I assume the ones who didn't use it either don't want it or are waiting for their next paycheck or something.

    Although I totally took advantage of the coupon, I also plan on giving you money at some point. Like when I have a job and therefor have money. This stuff is good man.


    There's a song on Album Raises New and Troubling Questions that completely loses the beat at the end of it, Like I think Marty just started playing randomly. And I love it because it's hilarious. I can't remember the name of it and I can't find it despite the fact that I have it on my phone.
  • Rather Dashing;777747 said:

    Sidenote: This is why people live in suburbs. Strangely enough, people do not choose to live in the suburbs for the nightlife.
    Theses women do.
  • Jesus christ, that looks like a new line of barbies...
  • JordyLicht;777809 said:
    Jesus christ, that looks like a new line of barbies...
    They must be getting desperate...
  • Okay, figures it out. it's Cloissoné, and it didn't drop te beat, it just changed it entirely and made the music really freaky to mess with my head.
  • Rather Dashing;777747 said:
    Yeah, just not the one you're thinking of. American Protestant Christians tend to have this problem, where there's a certain lack of self-awareness and the only Christian stereotype that can possibly exist is the sort you might find caricatured in an episode of Family Guy. Next to the fairly simplistic "feel-good" theology largely derived from Church teaching and culture, it's probably the most common trait among American Protestants. That or a false sense of martyrdom and exclusion in modern culture. Those are the top three, anyway.
    Actually, the stereotype I was thinking of was that of "typical midwestern conservative Southern Baptist," of which I am most certainly not.

    And anyway, I must have missed the part where you became an expert on the subject. "Feel-good theology, a false sense of martyrdom or exclusion in modern culture"? I really have no idea what you're talking about.
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    It looks like pikachu has nipples.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Zeruis;777823 said:

    It looks like pikachu has nipples.
    Erect nipples.
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