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TWD Game Soundtrack/ Music discussion

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First of all, great game! Other than the crackly audio in the voice overs the game was pretty much perfect. Although I thought the music was great, I really love the opening theme from the TV show. Any chance on incorporating it in some way in future episodes?
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  • I also agree that the OST needs to be released.

    IMO best track in the game hands down. Even if season two winds up having mostly new music I strongly feel that Armed With Death needs to be added in to the climax of one of the episodes.

    Alive Inside is another one that needs to make a return. I personally feel those two songs are as iconic to the game as the main theme from the TV series is to that.
  • As awesome as Armed with Death is, I think it should die with Lee. It's basically the Alive Inside motif made awesomified.

    Alive Inside is basically Clementine + Lee's motif in its most common form. A variation of that motif should play if Clem's in Season 2. However, I don't think it should have that same "hopeful" feeling that Alive Inside has (whenever it plays G Major, the song feels so happy - "Goodbye" takes away that G Major and makes it a B Minor, which is why the finale sounds so depressing even though it's the "same" melody).
  • No love for Aiming Protection? It was even remixed for the VGAs. I can't provide links since im on an IPhone and I'm also lazy.
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    The in game music was fantastic. Better than the show's, imho.

    This song gets me every time. That goes for most of the music, though. The ending scene's too...not just the credits.
  • I registered here just to post in this thread )

    I join the community in eager anticipation of an official release of the TWD score!
    In terms of its immersion and emotional gravitas the game owes so much to Jared Emerson-Johnson's beautiful work.

    Personally, I can't get enough of the Tension track, so deliciously moody:

    Also, I really hope they make it available in lossless (CD quality).
  • Over the past few hours I have been ripping the soundtrack of "The Walking Dead" from the game files and adding id3 tags/album art to it. Note: Take Us Back is actually a remix made by telltale games, not the official version.
    Download link:
  • Thanks for your effort. TWD's soundtrack has become one of my favorite scores of all time.

    Does anyone know if this will ever be out on CD?
  • Fantastic, you're a hero for doing this!

    I can't believe how much time it's taken Telltale to do this and you did it in a few hours :P
  • Is this even allowed to be shared here? We dont own the rights to share this.
  • Rizefall wrote: »
    Is this even allowed to be shared here? We dont own the rights to share this.

    I recall reading on here that Telltale has an OST in the works at the moment, so you're probably right.
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