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Hardest Decision

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I'm curious to see what everyone found as the hardest decision to make in the game including the reason why. For me it would be the final decision of Clem either shooting you or leaving you. A girl that age should not have to kill her protector but I was horribly afraid if she didn't then Lee would escape the handcuffs like that other zombie did and attack Clem. I spent about 15 minutes thinking it over there. So what does everyone else think?
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  • Deciding what to kill Fivel with....
  • Aside from deciding whether to have Clem shoot Lee or leave him, the hardest decision was to take the food from the car or not to take it. I spent about 3-5 minutes thinking it over, but I decided not to take it (on my first playthrough).
  • For me it was whenever to let Lilly back in the R.V. or not. I really just wanted to leave her after what she did but I thought about how Lee got a second chance after he murdered someone and he went on to do a lot of good. Lilly went on to abandon everyone, so I deeply regret that decision.

    Second hardest would be taking Clem to Crawford or not. That really felt like a rock and a hard place. Ultimately it came down to I thought if no one came back from Crawford, Clem would be alone with a dying Omid and no real idea what happened or what to do, so she'd be as good as dead anyways if something went wrong. I also thought about what Chuck said about treating her like a living person and figured she might need to do things like this survive in the future.
  • We had a thread like this a while ago, but since you have 4 posts so far, I take it, you're new, so whatever :D

    Since the last thread I changed my opinion, and it is for me whether or not to take Clementine to Crawford, because on the first playthrough I wasn't sure if and how it could possibly influence her and her safety, whether or not she could die or at least get hurt depending on the decision, but in the end I decided to leave her, assuming Crawford wasn't overrun, and that they'd be well equipped. I didn't want punks to shoot her with rifles, shotguns and perhaps carbines or assault rifles, so leaving her with Omid, who might've turned seemed like a fairly low risk.

    welcome to the forums by the way :)
  • Saving Ben or not. Forum regulars know I hate that kid, but during my first playthrough, my moral compass was spinning around like crazy! I saved him the first time, but no more after that! :cool:

    The other hard choice was whether to bring Clem or not to Crawford. I finally decided to bring her because hands-on experience is really the one way to learn to survive in an ZA. I rather her there with me and Kenny etc. who could actually look out for her while she gets field experience.
  • One of the toughest decisions for me was actually not really a decision(one of the major ones, at least). At the end of episode 4 when everyone is deciding whether or not to join you, I thought i was going to have to choose between Kenny or Ben to join me after Kenny objected.

    I had my qualms with Kenny and Ben was quite the screw up, but they were the only friends i had left and i needed everyone to help rescue Clem. I really thought that whoever didn't come with me was going to die or never be seen again.

    In the end i ran out of time to make a decision and Ben elected to stay behind with the boat.

    Out of the major decisions...i made most of them quickly, just using my gut reaction to what i would do with the situation.

    I suppose the one where i hesitated the most was cutting Lee's arm off. I was very certain that it was too late after seeing him pass out and that cutting his arm off might hinder Lee's progress too much in rescuing Clem. Then i decided to take every chance at survival i could find, anything to keep Lee alive longer, even if the chances were slim at best.

    Personally i think keeping his arm makes his rampage through the walker herd way more epic. :cool:
  • The talk with Vernon when you get back from Crawford is a tough one, as is deciding what to say to Clem afterwards, when she asks about her parents for the last time before she disappears.
  • The meat locker and the belltower. I ended up siding with Kenny in the meat locker, and dropped Ben because I thought he'd die anyway, or that someone else would die because I took too long to save him.
  • I have to say, I feel better about taking Clem to Crawford in retrospect. I didn't think about it at the time, but Clem would be staying alone in the same house the stranger knew the group was staying at. I'm surprised he didn't kidnap her then.
  • Jaded X Gamer;777884 said:
    but Clem would be staying alone in the same house the stranger knew the group was staying at.
    Shit, didn't think about that... :eek: Yeah, he was most likely watching us, and knew we stayed there, he could just have walked in and grabbed her... damn...
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