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Clementine... Another Carl?

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This is a question I have had on my mind ever since Lee met Clementine. Clementine was 8 Years Old when Lee met her and months have passed since then. Clementine has witnessed very disturbing stuff during the course of her and Lee's relationship together. Cannibals, Bandits, The death of Duck and Ben (Her Close Friends). The death of Lee... She's also killed both Undead and Living characters. Carl became a loose cannon in the Graphic Novels. Due to the events Carl endured, he slowly became unstable, much like his father at times. Will Clementine alter so drastically also as of Season 2? What do you think?
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  • I think Clem may be slightly damaged but she is too strong to lose her whole personality. She will be simlar but have some... sideeffects
  • Zeruis;777399 said:
    Let me direct you to my confession:

    I really hope that even with what she's seen, Clem stays innocent in season 2. Hell, part of the reason I didn't make Clem shoot Lee was the fear of her turning into a female version of the comic Carl.
    Lee: She's a little girl!
    Chuck: Then she'll die a little girl.

    What that says is that even though Clementine is this innocent 9 year old little girl, she has to have the guts to kill if she has to and become independent if she gets separated from the group or if everyone else dies. I personally think I'd be interesting if TT decides to make Clem this badass little girl who can take care of herself and kill a bunch of walkers.
  • Clementine's intelligent, resourceful, and has already shown that she can kill if she has to.

    Inherently maintaining a sense of humanity doesn't have to make her weak.
  • Mikejames;777825 said:
    Clementine's intelligent, resourceful, and has already shown that she can kill if she has to.

    Inherently maintaining a sense of humanity doesn't have to make her weak.
    Now that's well said :D Totally agree
  • I don't see Clem turning into a Carl even with the death of Lee.

    Unless she gets shot in the face like Carl...
  • Tienes mucha razón y te apoyo.
    Un carácter bélico no ayuda en nada solo te crea problemas para uno y para otros. En el caso de Clementine es un poco más estable aunque aparecen escenas donde pierde ligeramente el control puede ser causado por los Padres biológicos recuerda que ella comento que cuando se enojaban con ella le dejaban de hablar y eso puede causar frustración, por eso confió en el extraño, realmente necesita que aparezca un personaje con carácter agresivo inteligente no en estudios, me refiero uno que pueda manejar situaciones solo o en grupo, si pones un humilde no confiara en el por el hecho de considerarlo débil , si colocas un inteligente pensada que el cerebro al menos está por debajo del régimen de supervivencia, una figura una mujer sin ofender lo va a considerar como jugar a las muñecas aprendió de Molly que puede ser fuerte si imita las habilidades de un hombre, no me refiero que pondrás un Rambo me refiero a un hombre me refiero al sexo no interpreten mal, que tenga cualidades de supervivencia conocimientos mecánicos, eléctricos y de combate por muy base que tenga, se sentida protegida hasta cierto punto, libre de expresarse sin miedo a represalias, como lo hizo con Christa en la estación del tren, solo que Christa le fallo y por eso no confiara en una mujer por el hecho que considera que sola puede y ella no piensa de ese modo, ella razona conforme a sus propios valores y eso le permite sobrevivir y nuevamente porque es pequeña le falta experiencia en ciertos puntos se familiarizada con alguien que tenga el mismo odio que ella siente hacia los demás en este caso un mecánico sería lo más adecuado profesión como la de su Papa, enérgico como su Madre sin exagerar, hábil como Lee abierto honesto con Ella (Clementine) y dispuesto a escucharla y decidir cuándo es momento de actuar antes de que pase algo malo en grupo o solo dispuesto a tomar sus opiniones como sus decisiones haciéndole saber cuándo está mal y cuando está bien porque eso forma el carácter de una persona estable.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou are quite right and I support you.
    A warlike alone does not help you make trouble for oneself and others. For Clementine is a bit more stable but there are scenes where slightly loses control may be caused by the biological parents remember she said that when she got angry with stopped talking and that can be frustrating, so we relied on the Strange, really need to see a character with no smart aggressive character studies, I mean one that can handle situations alone or in groups, if you put a humble not trust the fact considering the weak, if you put an intelligent thought that brain is at least below the survival rate, a figure without offending a woman is going to look like play dolls Molly learned that can be strong if mimics the abilities of a man, I mean that I mean put a Rambo I mean a man not misunderstand sex, survival qualities have mechanical skills, electrical and combat for very basic need was felt to some extent protected, free to speak without fear of retribution, as he did with Christa in the train station, only to fail him and Christa why not trust a woman because it believes that one can, and she does not think that way, she reasons according to their own values ​​and that allows it to survive and again because it is small lacks experience at certain points are familiar with someone who has the same hatred she feels toward others in this case a mechanic would be best suited to his profession as Pope, energetic as his Mother without exaggeration, honest business open as Read with it (Clementine) and willing to listen and decide when it's time to act before something bad happens in a group or alone willing to take their opinions as to know when making decisions is wrong and when well because that is the nature of a stable person.
  • that is why she is so popular,shes natural,Carl is just a freak :D
  • I hope she can hold on to a little of that hope that everything will be alright. However I noticed in your post you said she witnessed the death of Ben, however she didn't in either of his death scenes. If you drop him she had already climbed out the window, when he falls and gets impaled, she's with the kidnapper already.
  • If the player chooses to let go of Ben in the Crawford Bell Tower in Episode 4, she hears of his death almost immediately after they get back. I believe this would affect her as she stated Ben was a friend of hers during the heated moment between Kenny and Ben in the Crawford school. She also witesses the manslaughter of Doug in Long Road Ahead. I hope these events she's experienced don't add up and turn her into a cold hearted killer like Carl:)
  • Well, while the deaths still shock here, and make her shake, she seems to have a... emotionless attitude, when thinking about them later, in the boxcar in episode 3, she said, that killing didn't even matter anymore, she takes it, killing is normal in the world they live, and that could lead to becoming a Carl... though as Lee you can tell her, that it DOES matter, and she seems to understand, but like Katjaa said: "That little girl is a puzzle"
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