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Plot threads from S1 that HAVE to be resolved/continued in S2

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Take your pick.
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  • I'd like to see Clementine's story continued, but not resolved in Season 2.
  • If any season one characters are showing up we need to see Clem again. I'm in the camp choosing to believe that Omid and Christa would be with her, but knowing this series, any assumption I have will end in tragedy.

    I also liked Lilly's character enough to be interested in where she ended up, though I would expect Kenny and Vernon's fate to remain ambiguous.
  • Clementine.
    La vista, los oídos y la voz, están centrados en ella, enfocarte en un personaje donde cuestiono, se limitó por cualquier causa que tú quieras, ya pertenece al pasado traer un personaje como Lilly es bastante fantasioso no es vital, escucha las voces de los que escribimos aquí cuantos colegas no darían su vida, incluso la buscarían de forma desesperada por encontrar a la pequeña Clementine hablando como si estuviéramos dentro del juego (no mal interpreten), es exactamente lo mismo Telltalegames lo sabe puede crear mejores personajes lo sé por sus juegos, tiene bastante imaginación lo que les falta es salirse y darse una vuelta a la cuadra volver con mejores ideas si creas nuevos personajes de distintos niveles te sientes identificado te mueras o no es otra cosa, pero al jugador es lo que busca, no un jueguito de repeticiones, porque crees que los juegos en línea son más llamativos que los de nintendo, interactúas en el juego.
    Sight, hearing and voice are focused on it, focus on a character where I question, merely for any reason you want, already belongs to the past to bring a character like fanciful Lilly is not vital enough, hear the voices of we write here few colleagues would not give his life, even so desperately seek to find little Clementine talking like we were in the game (do not misunderstand), is exactly the same thing can create Telltalegames knows best characters I know from its games, has enough imagination what they lack is to get out and shop around the block again with better ideas if you create new characters of different levels you are invested you die or not is another thing, but the player is what you want, not a little game of repetitions, because you think that online games are more striking than Nintendo, interact in the game.
  • voted for Lee in the store BUT if i had 2 votes i would vote for the Cancer patients,really want to know their story and conflicts,because deep down Vernon came across to me as someone who is bitter with the world.
  • i'd probably vote 3 times lol Omid and Christa? when Lee tells Clem to find them,and he tells them to meet up at the hotel when they get down,then you see Clem alone in the countryside.....what could of happened???
  • 1. Lee's influence on Clem & Clem's fate
    2. Lee's body in the jewelry store. I want to know if he just escapes from the handcuffs when he turns into a walker or if "the shot to the head" killed him.
  • It would be nice if we could vote for more than one thing.
  • Since i thought it was unfair to only pick one here's a ranking.

    1. Clementine's fate - Well obviously, she's the standout character of the series. She has to be included.

    2. Lee's influence on Clementine - and the main reason Clem would continue to be interesting is see how Lee effected her character development, gives everything that happened in season 1 some meaning.

    3. Kenny's fate - Alive or dead, i think a direct answer, I personally think he's gone and it would hurt me to see him as a walker, but one way or another the speculation needs to be ended

    4. Christa's pregnancy - Only hinted at in season one so i wonder if that was a season two set up. How they intend to manage the situation without a place like the prison.

    5. Omid & Christa's fate - Links to 4, Their story doesn't have a conclusion.

    6. Lilly's fate, I'm happy enough not knowing with her really, Would hate it if she showed up alive and we had to make out nothing happened. If she appears to reveal for example that she died if you left her on the road, or to give the ability to dish out some vengeance i'd be fine with that.

    7. Vernon & the cancer survivors - Meh, they don't interest me a lot, A cameo hinting at their fates would be fine, but i'd rather season two has its own story than focus on them.

    8. Lee's body in the jewellery store- What is there to resolve? We might see the body some day, or have to kill the walker Lee, but what else could happen. There really isn't hope for survival here.

    9. Kenny's boat plan - Pretty much resolved in season 1. Boat's gone, The man himself might be dead. Nobody else supports the plan anymore. Not a lot else to tell.
  • I'm interested about Lilly. She was supposed to be the same Lilly that is in Woodbury, when that got changed she is now a "free spirit" and they can do what ever they want with her.

    Id want to see what TTG can do.
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