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Generate story decisions... - but I've played!!!

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Yesterday I've finished Ep. 2. (Another awesome episode!)

Today I want to start Ep. 3 ... but I get
"Generate story decisions for skipped episodes?"

WTF? ... Nope, I don't want to!

Neither I like to replay Ep. 2, because...

I know what's gonna happen.

Not knowing the future is a blessing, for such a bug.

I will change my decisions, now that I know what will be the response. Thats what's all about the 'KEEP TRACK OF _YOUR_ STORY'. (which is pretty awesome, btw. - until Ep.3 for me, however)

Here's what I do - in game - just if that is of any help.
0: Steam App -> startup.
1: Hit play, choose my safefile ... wents to Ep.3, choose Play.
2: 'Generate?' question.
3: Hit no, goto previous Ep. 2. Hit continue. Goto 2 (repeats).





Btw. I tried the prefs.prop trick, but didn't succeed. Now I'm mad and disappointed. :mad:

Having a non binary format for the prefs.prop could've helped...
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