TWD Savegame Issue

Hi all,

After installing and running TWD on a separate machine this morning, I allowed Steam to restore Cloud files on my main machine. Turns out that these weren't from my laptop, but from 5 hours' worth of gameplay ago (looks like I've not been in sync for a couple of days).

I've had a snoop around and a quick Google and from what I can see, all of the 'Rewind' saves are intact. These are the ones from last night around midnight (23:58) - at which time I was near the beginning of Episode 4. However, prefs.prop was last modified this evening, following my fated cloud sync. Now, in game, I am only able to continue from the middle of Episode 2.

My hope is that the fact that the rewinds are intact might mean that there's a way to recover my progress.

Attaching the results of the support tool. Can anyone help me out?



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    Please disable steam cloud sync for TWD on both computers (In Steam, right click TWD and select "properties". Open the tab "updates" and remove the checkbox from "Enable Steam cloud synchronization for TWD").

    Then you can try the "restore previous version" feature on the savegame folder
    "C:\Users\Ant\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead" (right click, "properties", "restore previous version").
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    Thanks, but I've already tried to restore an old version and it seems that I don't have it versioned. I wonder - if I were to use a prefs.prop file from an episode 4 save, would my rewind files retain their statistics or is all of the 'decision tree' history in prefs.prop?

    Could I use a prefs.prop from halfway through Episode 4 and then rewind to one of my existing saves?
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    I don't know all the details of the save system, but it seems that part of the decisions are stored in the prefs.prop, and it also seems to "glue together" the .save files for rewinding.

    Exchanging the prefs.prop is a last resort solution, that can have side effects, but that might be all we can do. There is some experience with doing that with only one of the save files. It will not show the stats and won't be able to rewind anymore then though.

    If you .zip and upload your prefs.prop and *.save files i can take a look at them and see if i can restore any progress.
    Please upload them to an instant filehoster and post the download link.
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    I've added the .zip as an attachment to the first post - I've only included the most recent save files as the .zip was too large if I included any more. Let me know if you need more and I'll see if I can improve the compression ratio.

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    I attached a .zip which loads your latest save file ( originally ).
    As i said before, rewinding and stats won't work, and i can't check if all decisions are intact.

    You just use these instead of all your .save files and prefs.prop. Don't mix them, because that can cause unforeseen side effects.
    Some people have used that workaround before though, and got decent results, as far as i know.
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    Thanks, will give it a whirl and let you know how I get on...

    Out of curiosity, how did you produce this?
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    A while ago I created a prefs.prop for each Episode, by starting the individual episodes until they created their first .save file.

    Now i just had to replace the first save file with your last save file, and test it.
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    Well, it looks like it's correct. It put me at the latest checkpoint, decisions seem to be intact from what I can see:
    Just run through the gates at the start, Clem has no hoodie, Lilly is long-gone... not sure what else I can compare as this is my first playthrough

    I suppose if there's no way to verify for sure that my decisions are intact, I'll have to play for a bit and find out. I've backed up my old save files so if all else fails I can still play from the middle of Ep 2. Do you know if any of that conflicts with your playthrough? If it does, I'll assume it's kept my decisions.

    Thanks a lot!
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    You're welcome.

    I don't really remember what i did in the playthroughs for creating the prefs.prop files, because it was only about creating the first save file fast.
    I think most episodes created a save file immediately after the "previously on walking dead" part, so i didn't have to decide anything.
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