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  • tbm1986;777283 said:
    It's nice that someone actually understands it. There's lots more you can draw from the genre but if you take it too seriously, you turn into a lying wussy kleptomaniac that bothers people a lot with the same questions over and over, not to mention talking to yourself.
    Hahaha, you are great. :) love it.

    This is why I like coming to adventure game forums. Likeminded fans. You are my people. ;) I feel at home.:p
  • MtnPeak;777285 said:
    Hahaha, you are great. :) love it.
    MtnPeak;777285 said:
    This is why I like coming to adventure game forums. Likeminded fans. You are my people. ;) I feel at home.:p
  • I've never actually played a Leisure Suit Larry game before, but he made an appearance in "The Great Fusion", which is a german P&C adventure game you can get on Android devices. I've just completed it, and was surprised to see him in it. And George Stobbart too.
  • MtnPeak;776384 said:
    On March 11 you can watch (live) some of the recording session for the game's new soundtrack by Austin Wintory here:


    Wintory and Lowe will be chatting with the audience at the end, I believe.

    The donation/tipping thing is optional.

    Also, you can hear a recording of the new original song (by Wintory, lyrics by Josh Mandel) performed by Melora Hardin.
    Is there a recording of the stream?
  • Laserschwert;778267 said:
    Is there a recording of the stream?
    Very good question. I was looking for one, then got sidetracked. If anyone has a link to one, please post... but only if it is legal and not against the rules to do so. The session might have had a rule about not recording it. Wouldn't you want to get in trouble with the moderators here either. The score still needed to be remastered and all that. Sigh, I really wanted to hear the performances. :-( I hear that Melora Hardin's voice sounded terrific in the song, though. Guess I'll have to wait a month or two for when the final version is released.
  • Ah well, if there isn't, I'll still get the soundtrack CD with my pledge.
  • Second time I've moved your post fred - please don't make me do it a third.
  • Al Lowe recently confirmed that work has begun on Larry 2 Reloaded, which is expected to be quite a serious overhaul. Also, Larry 8 is still in the works. Great news, all around!

    Digital Trends caught up with Al Lowe during his European vacation to talk about Reloaded and what’s next for the series. Turns out that work on Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 2 is already underway.
    “We’re busting our butts to get this one out the door,” Lowe told us, “But we’ve begun working on Larry 2 also. I would hope it will be by Christmas, but I suspect it will be 2014.”
    Replay Games president Paul Trowe told Digital Trends earlier this spring that there was some contention as to what game to make after work finished on Reloaded. It was down to either an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry 2, or the long lost sequel Leisure Suit Larry 8. It appears that Lowe got his way with the immediate sequel in the works, but that doesn’t mean the adventure game maker has forgotten about continuing the series. “Our fans deserve to see how Larry’s life plays out!” said Lowe, saying Leisure Suit Larry 8 is “absolutely” still in the works.
  • I wonder how they're going to reconcile Larry 8 with the 3D Larry games. Maybe have them all be a horrible dream Larry was having while being probed by the aliens.
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