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Season "extra" discussion, speculation & news

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New Up at Noon is up guys with Gary Whitta. .

Apparently,we will have more info on the SXSW GEEK stage,but we might also get something between Season 1 and 2,to ease (or worsen) our Season 2 wait.DLC maybe?

So whats your though on all of this? :)
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  • while ont he subject of potential flash backs..

    what about clem at home, before lee finds her ?

    assuming we are clem in season 2 the bonus dlc could be used to test peoples reaction to being clem ? we get to do a bit of scavenging, see someone turn again, find out how why 'the babysitter' died...what clem did other than hide in the treehouse and anyone else that came looking for supplies..

    then a brief bit on were clem is 'now'
  • Wrighty;777649 said:
    Personally I don't think they should make the bonus episode on looting the army base. Although it would be kind of cool, slotting it into the existing story could be awkward. I don't want to replay episode 2 thinking "You know, everyone seems calm considering so and so died or happened" and "Why isn't Mark more upset over seeing his friends die. I think the strangers story is more plausible and could be quite good as it would help us see how a good man becomes insane. That would be interesting.
    Well Mark seems pretty settled by the time of episode 2 so i reckon he's been there a while, a few months is probably enough time for him to get over it a little bit,

    Even in the existing story the dead don't get mentioned a lot once we are past the immediate aftermath and explaining what happened, Larry and Duck/Kat have family in the group so obviously they do, but from the others (using my choices), we only really have Doug being referenced by Lee/Carley once, Carley when talking to Kat and possibly the stranger, Kenny once possibly with the stranger. Mark, Chuck and Ben never IIRC. With that and the fact we only have a small amount of time talking to Mark probably a long time after these deaths, its not surprising we don't see him mourning.

    There is one interesting moment that when Ben's teacher dies, Kenny gets very angry and storms off. Makes me think that Mark was an isolated success story from a much bigger list of people they tried to save.

    Tbh all of the ideas sound quite good though. Ep 1-3 was my favourite time period and group dynamic so i'd always like to see a little more of it, while the stranger would be very interesting and probably the best option they have to make something really dark,

    On Bens school, considering that Ben and Travis were the survivors from that group i can only imagine how inept the rest of them must have been :p
  • PLEASE no flashbacks.
  • I came with the flood of pre-ordering Walking Dead fans, and haven't had much experience with waiting on games and in-between game content with TTG. I know that S2 will have to be bought and paid for, but I'm curious about 'Season 1.5' (a I've heard some referring to it as :P).

    Will it be considered more of an episode 6, and come included with pre-ordered packages, will it be free for everyone, or $5.00 as an individual episode?

    Does anyone know? Or have experience with having had this happen with other games from TTG?

    Thanks! :)
  • I'm assuming it will be called something like episode 5.5 or season 1.5(as you've said), and yes, I think you'll have to pay around $5 too.
  • We don't even know if its actually going to be an episode/mini episode so its hard to speculate on price. I actually think it might not be, as all we know is that it will be "different".

    Though they are building some hype for it so you figure it has to be something somewhat meaningful. To your question, I'd say if it is ep 1.5 where you play as a zombie following Lee and the gang from Macon to Savannah or whatever else itll be, it probably wont be free.
  • As Sox said, we still don't know what this extra content is going to be. For all we know it could just be a browser-based flash game.

    As far as I know, producing extra content is unprecedented for Telltale. I hope that it's free, but I wouldn't mind paying $5 or so if it's worth it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    There's no precedent and there's no information yet. It's definitely not even clear if anything like a "bonus episode" (or "Season 1.5") is even envisioned (and I guess not).
  • What if it's just a Ultimate edition or something with commentary and concept art? XD
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