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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 445.6K users
One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • No, not plutonium!
  • coolsome;778852 said:
    "I now pronounce you... NO Patrick!!! Its me you truly want! Marry me! "
    *uses the power of magnets to force broad off the platform*
    "Search your mind Charles... You know we are meant for each other"

    "...I...I... "

  • RetroVortex;778847 said:

    ( I mean come on! The only reason people have Origin installed AT ALL is because of their own product exclusives. And they know it. But they certainly aren't learning anything from it. They just seem to assume they will be successful in the end.)
    Actually I installed it so the EA Update Manager would stop nagging me about it every time I turned on my computer. I give so little of a damn about this that I just wish it would die so I could just uninstall it. and go back to the old update manager

    If it weren't for the always online DRM, and the fact that the servers are ass, I'd probably get the new SimCity. I've never been good at SimCity, but that's because I couldn't be assed to learn how to play. I would just build cities, and send in the disasters. Did I mention I was 7 at the time?
    The new SimCity looks lovely and the multiplayer aspect is a real draw for me. It's enough for me to actually learn. It's just the always online DRM. What if I'm at my mother's house and I want to show her the game? She doesn't have internet at all. I wouldn't be able to show it to her. Which is sad because she'd love the game.

    What about peoples poor mothers, EA? What about our poor mothers? THINK OF THE MOTHERS WHO PLAY YOUR GAMES!
  • Fr. Hiroshima Twinkie;778761 said:
    Sinn Féin Irishmen? San Francisco Irishmen? Smelly Farting Irishmen?
    Second one.
  • Actually, aside from the always DRM, there's this issue of the AI of the game actually sucking. No kidding even, reddit is full of big bugs in the game which break the game horrendously, unless you specifically play the game a certain way.

    Take, for examples, agents going in circles because they prefer to walk alongside a park, but will never reach their destination because of that, or huge traffic jams because cars always take the shortest path, even though it might not be the most optimal path.

    Sure, it can all be fixed with patches, but you generally shouldn't sell an obvious beta game as if it were completed.

    They'd better have named it ShamCity.
  • coolsome;778852 said:
    Ian McKellen is going to officiate. He's not getting married to Patrick Stewart.
  • Chyron8472;778917 said:
    Ian McKellen is going to officiate. He's not getting married to Patrick Stewart.
    Yes thank you we can read it for ourselves. Magneto is marrying Professor X okay cute whatever.

    If that disturbs you you probably won't want to see this then.
  • Is that... a zombie? The one on the left.
  • Alcoremortis;778928 said:
    Is that... a zombie? The one on the left.
    It's from the new Evil Dead movie. It's a possessed character or Deadite.
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