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The Walking Dead crashing on launch.

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Bought and downloaded the game from Steam, downloaded and installed today without any problems at all. However, when I launch the game, the screen turns black to go into the game for a second then goes back to my Steam library with the usual Windows dialogue box "The Walking Dead101.exe has stopped working." appears. That's all that happens, and I can't play the game at all...
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  • Well The Walking Dead is somehow, for some reason working now. The game is playable and I even completed the first episode. However, the game runs rather laggy at fullscreen and at the highest resolution and graphics settings. Also, every single one of my other games that are more taxing on my system are nearly unplayable! I don't know what's happened. Somewhere along the line there, a setting has changed. I think it may be that my computer is running off my integrated Intel graphics chip, not my AMD card. I've been seeing a new icon in my taskbar which tells me that my Intel chip is running. Why has this happened?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    What did you change since the last time you tried?
  • I'm really not sure. I tried updating my Intel integrated chip, but it doesn't seem to want to update. It keeps asking to verify, although on the Dell website it already verifies my computers service tag. It reads my system and can read my graphics card but still won't update the driver. I'm pretty sure I also tried to uninstall/reinstall ATI Radeon Mobility driver and the Catalyst Control Centre, but I can't find the CCC. It installs but I can't find it on my computer at all.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    You can try pressing FN + F7 to switch between intel and AMD graphics. I would also try clicking (left or right) on the tray icon you found to see what options that gives.

    In case your AMD driver is not intalled correctly, this AMD Graphics driver should work on your system, and it should contain the AMD CCC.
  • When I press FN + F7 it comes up with a message asking me whether I want to turn on switchable graphics. I click yes but nothing happens. I already knew what FN + F7 does, and it always used to work. I don't even think I can switch to my AMD graphics. I also installed the driver in the link you provided, but it was for the 6970M graphics card, and I have the 6990M card. I also have the 6990M driver installed by the way. But either way, I still can't find any Catalyst Control Centre. I unzip the download to a location and it automatically starts the installer for the Catalyst Install Manager. I click install, express install, then accept to the terms and conditions and it installs. I've attached the last page of the installer, and the Log as well.
  • Oh and I go to the installation folder (C:/Program Files/ATI Technologies) and there is nothing in there...
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    DjNDB Moderator
    If you can't get it fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, you can check if reverting to a system restore point before the change is an option.
  • Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I've been away most of the week.
    I tried a system restore, but could only restore to a point as far back as the 19th of March, well after I first had problems, and nothing has changed.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Have you tried completely uninstalling all graphics drivers and installing them from the DELL website?

    If that doesn't fix the problem, and you don't find any other solution, you can backup all your data and use your laptops restore feature.
  • Yeah I have now uninstalled any and all graphics drivers I could find, both Intel and AMD. I then reinstalled the drivers applicable to my computer from the Dell website, and restarted my PC. It didn't work, The Walking Dead was still laggy as even on low settings, as well as every other game I have, so I tried to uninstalling the driver again. After restarting my computer for the second time, it seemed to work. TWD runs perfectly smooth on its highest settings, as well as everything else! I don't know what happened the second time, but perhaps the only difference was that I checked in device manager under Display Adapters that both my AMD card and integrated Intel card were there. I noticed that the AMD card was missing when I had problems, which made me think my computer couldn't see that it was there.... I've even waited a few days to see if problems arose again, but it seems to have fixed itself for good now, hopefully. So thank you for your help DjNDB!!! :D
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