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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct FPS based on the TV show, published by Activision

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So I just received this in my twitter feed...

I have a bad feeling about this.
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  • I've said it before and apparently I have to say it again - KEEP IT CIVIL. If you can't, I WILL dish out suspensions.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you disagree with that opinion, fine. Ask why the other person feels the way they do, explain why you think differently, and engage in a healthy discussion.

    Do NOT insult them just because they think differently.

    And for the love of god, stop swearing all the time. You sound like a bunch of 12 year olds on sugar rushes.
  • anonymau5;779475 said:
    He didn't fucking insult you. He didn't fucking call you an idiot, he only said that he had a different opinion.

    I consider myself a cynical asshole, but you sir are a stupid asshole. Please, just throw your computer off a cliff until you grow up and realize that people with a different opinion aren't fucking Satan.
    I already said I don't care that he has a different opinion. It's the fact that his "opinion" is bullshit and full of unnecessary hate. So he gets unnecessary hate in return.
  • The game is very bad. Controls suck, gameplay suck, ai is dumb. Enviorments are dumb (can't jump untop much stuff and not much variety in how you do things).

    It might be the best "movie game" released, but this game sucks donkey balls.
  • Damn, I'm getting curious but will have to wait a while before it's released here. I hope there'll be a demo version first.
  • C'mon listen to Darth Marsden, only because one guy starts insulting (who ever it was) it doesn't mean you all have to, chill down, will you?

    Tornreaper: You really gotta insult people, who don't agree with you? YOU think it is a okay, or good or what-ever game, did the crazy idea, that people, who don't like the game at all have their actual reasons for it cross your mind? He perfectly explains his opinion, this game doesn't deserve to be called "good" (That's my opinion) because it simply has not a single aspect, that is "good" it is mediocre, the gameplay is allright, nothing more and nothing less, from what I've heard the story "isn't good", either, take it for what it's worth, the visuals (the least important thing) are okaaay.
    Now add "allright" + "not good" + "okaaay" and you get = mediocre

    You know why there is so much hate? Because once again Activision smells a huge load of money, so they decide to somehow make some game with the "Walking Dead" license, make it damn short (about 5 hours I've heard), create a survival/herd mode, but cut it for pre-orders only - I mean seriously the game is so damn short you could call it a scam for 50 bucks, and then those impertinent ... people cut another mode.
    They went out of their way to put as little effort as possible into it, and you know what? There's gonna be backlash from the Walking Dead fans for it.

    They won't have as much succes as Telltale, and they don't deserve to, in contrary to Activision - Telltale puts effort into their games, they didn't do a Walking Dead game mainly for the reason, that it has such a huge fanbase, but also because they were interested in the franchise. They took their time to create a great story, incredible characters and yeah... okay... the gameplay is simple, but nonetheless I enjoyed it, we don't need more shooters, there are plenty of them.
  • Tornreaper, for the sake of your health, I do hope that you do not treat people like this in person. Because someday, somewhere you will stumble upon people who won't tolerate your shit as much as we do here, and then you will really get into trouble.
    The facts, however, remain and no matter how much your swear, this game will still be one of the absolute worst games to have been released for the past couple of years.
  • I've been watching a lot of gameplay for this one. I knew it was going to be a turd from the beginning but it's actually much worse than I expected!
  • Look at all of the entitled gamers in this thread. :D

    (I kid, I'm just adding a bit of pointless chaos - I don't give to poo's about other people's opinions)

    Let this be a lesson, all you unhappy zombie slayers - if in doubt, rent first... sheesh. :D
  • The message here is don't pre-order based off the title.

    Fist real dud entry into the franchise i think. Shame. Survival instinct does actually have ideas and themes that i reckon could produce a good game, but clearly rushed doesn't even begin to describe it. I'll probably eventually pick it up when the price drops very low, since it does star two of my favorite characters.
  • Dildor;779551 said:
    I've been watching a lot of gameplay for this one. I knew it was going to be a turd from the beginning but it's actually much worse than I expected!
    I would say the game is MUCH better than i expected. I assumed you would have no freedom what so ever, that you would not meet other survivors and i also assumed you would just walk ine a line killing zombies on the way.

    The problem with the game is just that it was rushed. Obviously they wanted the game to come out before the Season 3 finale so everyone with a "Walking Dead fix" would buy the game. Problem number two is just that the development time was not enough.

    I'm no graphics whore, but i think the game has some decent graphics, or rather nice detail on the enviortments you are in. It really looks like something fucked up has happend. The zombies look great, mostly when you see different ones (with other faces etc).

    In short, it's a good idea, but the combat, exploration, pacing just all out SUCK just cause the game was rushed into stores. MAYBE if the game sells well and they dont have to rush a sequal, then i think the next game might be better. But as of now this game just sucks donkey balls.

    It's also probably the best "Movie" based game after Spider Man 2, which for some weird reason game a very good game.
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