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Clem ending confused?

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First, let me say that assuming Lee's death in the end was ridiculous.
Secondly, why didn't Clem go to the train? Why did it end with her in god knows where, seeing 2 people walking and BOOM, the end. There should be an episode 6 to actually understand what's happening.
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  • plaqueconspiracy;732480 said:
    To be really honest...

    I would kind of prefer not playing with the same characters in Season 2.

    I like these open endings. My cousin thinks the ending of No Country For Old Men was really stupid and that it ruined the movie. I think it was genius and I love the mystery! One of my favourites mostly because of that.
    I agree, friend.
  • Some-one had an idea (I think it was from the confessions blog thingy) that the 2 figures might be Kenny and Molly..I'm sticking to it,but I know it isn't really possible :)
    .. :(
    And I don't really care who these two are,until they aren't bad..I'm so worried about Clem-Clem :/
  • I think the ending was good and all, but I got waaaay too attached to Clementine. So it sort of broke my heart and left me wanting to know what happens to her. And as much as I'd like to see all new characters in the next season, it would kill me not knowing what happens to her.
  • Clem didn't listen to Lee. I hope she gets killed, for she messed up his last wish!
  • Assuming Lee's alive is ridiculous :P He's been confirmed dead by TTG. Also, even if you don't have Clem shoot Lee, he is still dying and turning into a zombie.
    Before all of that, we're shown a scene of the train, completely swarmed by walkers. They don't move quickly and they tend to stick around one area when they run out of muster. I think it's safe to assume that the train was still swarmed (or that the swarm from the train blocked her from returning).

    Personally I loved the ending. Plans didn't work out the way they were supposed to, Clem is alone and somewhere we don't recognize, and she's having to make the tough choice - does she trust the figures in the distance or not? You can tell she's contemplating that when the screen goes black.

    It opens up for Season 2 perfectly.

    From this ending, I'm assuming we'll be playing with at least 2 new characters (I don't believe they're zombies, as they usually are loners or in a horde), that we'll at least see Clem once, and that the story will continue from a new POV. How did these other two people come to be walking through the same field? I find it very intriguing!

    I'm hoping that S2 is the story of those two people, their struggle, and that it ends with the two of them (you and whoever you choose to save) walking through a field and spotting a little girl.
  • That's the point of games that are going to be continued, to leave you wanting more.
  • Why are many people so desperate for closure. I love these open endings. It really makes you think afterwards. You leave on an emotional note, for once, the hero does not win in the end.

    Since Lee is more than likely gone, i hope season 2 has an all new cast, with Clementine somehow getting involved in that.

    I cannot decide if i wanna see Omid and Christa return. As funny and interesting of a character as Omid is, as boring and forced does him and Christa seem overall. It's like they just turn up out of the blue to fill the shoes of fallen companions.

    Oh well, i am confident TTG will give us an awesome story arc.

    Cant wait.
  • roroown;732392 said:
    First, let me say that assuming Lee's death in the end was ridiculous.
    Your right. In a world were getting bitten by zombies = death, a person being bitten by a zombie means NOTHING!

    Also the devs have already stated he died.
  • Clem was already in the countryside so this is probably not right after lee's death, some time must have passed. Maybe she has already been at the train and found Omid and Christa... but we can only guess.
  • Why do people keep saying that she didn't follow Lee's instructions? It depends on the choice you made. In my game Lee told her to stay away from the cities, which is precisely what being out in the country is doing. Even if I told her to, say, go to the train, for all anyone knows she could have done exactly that but then left for a number of reasons.
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