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Lee Everett or Rick Grimes

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Who would you trust most with your life?
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  • Of course. I like how everyone is thinking that.
  • Psyconix;758889 said:
    Rick seems to do some wrong decisions in the TV show.
    Everyone commits mistakes, even team leaders. Lee isn't perfect neither, he's actually a dirtier character than Rick because he killed a man, while Rick's a police officer.

    Yeah, not all police officers are clean or innocent, I know.
  • Robbingrobin;759181 said:
    Of course. I like how everyone is thinking that.
    Dude, he got his entire group killed (wife and daughter included) in the first 50 comics.

    The only ones who lived where the ones smart enough to ditch him. :p

    At least till they came back... heh.
  • I would like to say this game does have one thing to do with the Tv Show and the Comic.... Hershal.
  • Hershel in the game is the comics version. The game/comic Hershel is MUCH different than the tv one. People who play episode 1 will see that :P He actually kicked the group out of the farm, and was brought to the prison later on when the farm became unsafe.
  • I don't know, as I ahvn't had the chance to read any of the comics yet, and the I find the show difficult to stick to, but if I had to choose, it would be my Lee. Lee seems to be the only one who doesn't break down during his limited stay in the apocalypse, and I would feel much safer with Lee, as he feels much more like a comforting human, rather than the mini crack SWAT team half of the TV show cast have turned into, where people dying is just another day for them. Rick seems to be in alot more control than Lee, which would probably increase your chances of survival, but to live with people you can no longer read or predict as a normal person, I would live in constant fear of being shot or thrown out.
  • I would say that this is more a question about You Vs Rick. Lee is the player.
  • Rick has managed to keep himself and a few others in his group alive for over a year and a half so far.

    Lee couldn't manage more than 3 or 4 months.

    I'll stick with Rick.
  • I'd rather stick with Lee. Lee's group's downfall was not his fault, and had he not gone looking for Clem, would have survived and all of them would be safe on a boat.

    Lee is easier to trust(by far), is kind, has retained his naivety of people, is intelligent and great at improvising, is a great leader and friend, good shot and street fighter, is forgiving, is flawed but tries to make up for it, etc.

    Rick has lost many of the qualities he had in the beginning, and has gone a bit insane. He has killed those who put him and those of his remaining friends and family at risk(even if unintentional). He has done some crazy shit, and I don't mean the cool kind, I mean the insane kind lol. I'd like to be with Rick's group too, but Rick puts his group at risk too much, where Lee just tries to keep everyone safe, and puts everyone elses' lives before his own.

    I'd choose my Lee, hands down. Rick of comics is loco, and Rick of TV is kinda crazy too. He has protected his group much worse than in the comics, where until the Governor goes on a rampage he had many of his group still with him.
  • I love Rick's character but Lee would be the safer bet.

    Having survived in the apocalypse for 2 years Rick will sacrifice anyone not in his group to survive. And even then sometimes he'll kill his own group for the sake of his family. (cough cough Jessie koff koff)

    Though it all depends on what kinda person your Lee is...
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