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Who did you tell about Lee's past?

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Let's revisit a key point from episode 3 if you saved Carley.

Who did you tell about Lee's past, and why?

-I only told Katjaa and Lilly. At the time, I thought that Katjaa was a caring woman, and she would've understood what Lee went through. I also told Lilly because she was the next person I could trust in the group. I didn't care about Kenny at all during the first twenty minutes of the episode.

EDIT: Sigh, I forgot to post multiple options in the poll. Oh well.
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  • I told Clementine because she needed to know the most, and then Kenny and Katjaa because they were my friends. I didn't tell Ben because I felt like I needed more time to get to know him before I say anything to him. I didn't tell Lilly because I was sure Larry couldn't keep his mouth shut around her. When she tried to use the info against me and Kenny says that he doesn't care about any of it, that was when it made it all worth it.
    Exactly this.

    And yeah, the look on Lily's face when Kenny told her he didn't care about Lee's past was priceless.
  • double_u wrote: »
    Everyone. I wanted everyone to hear it from me in case it secretly turns into a game of telephone behind my back. Kenny, Katjaa, and Clem also deserve to know IMO, because they are good friends.

    It will be funny to tell Duck though.

    "Hey Duck, I need to speak to you for a minute."


    I really think they should have given us an option to tell Duck, and it's all just completely over his head. Like, no matter how Lee describes it to him he just keeps thinking it's part of them playing Batman and Robin, Lee eventually gives up and you get a pop-up that says something like "You tried telling Duck...but he had no idea what you were talking about."

    Then you can go tell Carley about it. :p
  • Everyone the first time.
  • I told everyone but Clem and Lilly (and maybe Ben, I can't remember if I told him). I didn't tell Lilly because I didn't know I could and I didn't Clem because I was an idiot and thought that she was too young to here things like that.
  • I believe I told everyone except Ben. I wasn't especially well off with Kenny at that point, but like Carley said, better for the truth to come out sooner rather than later.

    I didn't imagine that telling Ben would have much for negative consequences, but thought it could be a bit much to take in when we still didn't know him very well.
  • i told everyone because being honest it always better, i cant be bothered to fill my head with lies and try to remember what lies i have or haven't told, also it is impossible to really trust a liar even when they tell the truth.

    and a sort of meta reason is that i wanted to learn what had happened myself, i wanted Lee to tell me what had happened in full detail, but unfortunately he never gives any real details which in reality would make people not trust what you say because it would make people think there was more that wasn't mentioned
  • On my first playthrough I felt the need to tell everyone because I felt like a had a shot with Carley and I didn't want her to think I was some dishonest douche. On my second playthrough though, I only told Clem and Kenny.
  • First playthrough: Everyone
    After that only Clem and Kenny. I sometimes told Ben to scare him xD
  • Everyone. Even Lilly, who hated me. It's important to stay honest with each other in a ZA.
  • I told everybody, even Ben. Although when I told Katjaa, it seems like it really didn't matter to her since she was so worried about what happened in the meat locker. "Misery loves company" :D
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