Walking dead ep 3 loading problem

Hi there

It seems many people are facing the same issue with the game, but I haven't seen any solutions for Mac offered yet so here goes with a new post -

I am up to, and a couple of chapters into episode 3. However, when loading the game, my save game slot says only Episode 2. When I continue the game, it takes me to episode 2 and not episode three. However, it wont actually load anything (black screen).

I have tried rewinding to one of the last chapters in episode 2, but same thing, black screen.

I renamed my prefs.prop file to prefs.prop.bak, and although this makes it so the game can load, it is starting me at the beginning of episode 2 again.

I have already invested 7 hours into this game, and although I'm really enjoying it, I can't face replaying a whole episode again.

Any fixes for mac that work on offer?

If not, how do I go about getting my money back? Any tips HUGELY appreciated!



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