TWD: I can't start episode 2

Whenever I try to start episode 2, it says "are you sure you want to rewind to this point?" then it goes black whether I click yes or no.

It's in the second file, I'd previously beaten the game on it, then I rewound to the end of episode 1, to save Carley instead of Doug. Then when I finished episode 1, it started happening. I deleted the file and restarted, and it still happened once I finished episode 1. I've tried reinstalling, I've tried verifying the game cache, and neither of them have worked.

Has anyone else had this problem? It's really annoying, I want to go past the first episode but I can't.


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    Not that... exactly....

    On my system (xbox360) I have "one" save slot now that's recognized by the system - slot 3.

    Maybe you're having a similar hangup? Maybe try saving your game in each slot and then trying to load each up?
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