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Things you DO NOT want to do in Season 2

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Now that we've discussed what we're wanting to be able to do in Season 2, let's talk about some of the things that we don't want to do or see happen in Season 2. (Excluding the obvious - seeing a in-canon death for Clementine)

For me, I'm not wanting to have to put down another child like Duck and Fivel (Even though I had Kenny shoot Fivel).
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  • I don't want to see Vernon and co. again...despite how i may feel, i can't let vengeance be a thing...right?

    Screw that, i want to strangle that conniving maggot with his own hands and hold a mirror to his face so he can watch as the last bits of life drain from his eyes. :mad:

    Er... anyway, it's kind of difficult for me to choose one, but... i don't want to be forced to abandon a friend again. Kenny, Chuck, whoever. If they tell me to leave i want to say "Hell no!" and force my way through the walkers to stand by them until the end. Or at least until they die fighting and I'm dragged away by other survivors or something...
  • -I don't want Clem becoming like comic Carl.

    -He's a favorite of mine, but I wish that Kenny is dead.

    -I don't want any TV show characters appearing in the game.

    ...I think that's all I got for now.
  • Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqe
  • Have a romance LOL A Crossover TV show character,forceful outcomes/ending....
  • I really don't want to play as Clem (No offense Clemy)
    ..That's it ._.
  • Bringing back Lee. If Lee survives the S1 ending... eugh.
  • No Clemmy for PC. Also don't want a new story, I want the old characters/plot. I don't want the game associated with the TV show, but if they could bring in comic characters that'd be awesome! I also don't want Lilly returning. No :/
  • I don't want to see many crossovers with the comic or show, as I fear it feeling restricted by not being able to change any established canon.
  • Mikejames;780355 said:
    I don't want to see many crossovers with the comic or show, as I fear it feeling restricted by not being able to change any established canon.
    Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't mind you seeing, say, the aftermath or precursor to something that happens in the comic or show, just to reinforce the fact that it's in the same universe, but having things like Shawn Greene isn't such a good idea, because you know they die / live, and it kinda messes up the canon in the comics and shows when they should know something from what happened in the game, but have no idea because the game was made afterwards.
  • -I dont want Clem, Christa or Omid back other than in in the form of minor cameos.

    -I dont want other characters from the comic or show as leads.

    -Bssically I dont want any similarities from S1 other than a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Retreading has certainly hurt the comics imo. Wouldnt want the same thing to happen to the game.
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