Sam and Max Season 3 for Xbox 360? Is it going to happen?

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I loved the first two seasons of Sam and Max, and would love to be able to play it on the 360 if I could. Will season 3 ever come out for the 360? It would be awesome if it did. What has Telltale said about it in the past? I really hope it's released sometime in the future.


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    Aside from bringing The Walking Dead to the Vita, Telltale hasn't said anything about porting any older games to other systems.

    I mean, now that Telltale and Microsoft have apparently patched things up, maybe they'll go crazy with 360 ports like they did with PS3 ports a few years back. Then again, with the Durango on the way, maybe not.
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    Well since they would be xbla titles and purely downloads running on the Microsoft Windows systems it really shouldn't be a problem. Like how the windows OS lets you run programs in compatibility mode, right?
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