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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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    Glass Joe;735107 said:
    Also, people keep talking about the stranger who had Clem and that he wasn't rational in his decisions like it was a problem with the story. The guy had his wife's zombie head in a bowling bag and spoke with it like it was still his wife and they were still a family. I think it is fair to say that he wasn't all there upstairs. Holding him to any kind of logical standards went right out the window at that point.
    Your point is illogical.

    The character was - to my knowledge - invented and scripted for the game. As such, the 'why are you arguing about details, he was KERAAAZY' point doesn't really stand as they, y'know, wrote every aspect, including the craziness.

    You also seem to misunderstand people's grievances. They aren't complaining that he wasn't rational so much as that it made no sense. All of the big decisions that relate to him are invalidated by the fact that he's just psychotic either way, which was a real letdown. This is coupled with the fact that he's just a weak character.

    The reveal of his connection to the car was good, as was his little back story, but your choices should've had some impact and he didn't really hold up as the omniscient stalker. I mean, he's either been following the group since Macon (in which case when/how did the thing with the car happen, given he was with his family up until this point) or Clem told him every major point on the walkie talkie; hardly realistic when she isn't out of earshot of everyone much (I thought the radio actually working reveal didn't make much sense anyway, in terms of her supposedly having had the opportunity to talk to someone, for the very same reasons).
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    Vainamoinen;740187 said:
    Numbers are a bit unfit to really judge a game with

    But this is true in relation to anything. People like them because they think them to be succinct, but the numerical value system for entertainment such as games and films means nothing.

    I mean, line everything you've ever given a '7' to up and tell me if you think they're all of the same quality? No, the rating fluctuates and it's actually the little postscript summarising comments that mean something.
  • 2 friends Have knows when the next season 1 Season 2 when you tell me who's gonna be an additional stage of the season lee die? kenny alive? Clementina omid please tell me who knows what's going on clementaina the end I think getting rid of crista
  • I literally can't take the TV show seriously after playing the games, the quality of the story and characters just can't compare
  • Para mi gusto el primero fue un 10 de calificación pero bajo conforme avanzan los demás episodios, porque se convirtió en una copia de un libro, por ahí leí no hay finales felices, tal vez es verdad pero honestamente creo que existen personas que habrían hecho más en ayudar que morderse las orejas, tienes los atentaros la gente no se mata entre ellos se ayudan, y ustedes dieron un giro donde cada quien ve por sí mismo al grado de lastimar sin importar edad, sexo, etc. Yo le dispare al infeliz del tipo, a Lee no lo espose ni lo mate, porque tal vez se desmallo por cortarle el brazo imagínate quien no se desmaya simplemente no se recuperó por la pérdida de sangre, como vean no me gusto el final
  • I loved the game. I would buy the second season sight unseen. I felt deeply for the characters, and the only other game that came close to creating such an experience for me was Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I certainly am more connected to this story than the TV series, although I enjoy that, too. Regrets? Letting the bell zombie kill Ben. Telling Christa and Omid to "come down and find us". I'm glad Clem's alive, but I wonder if saving her was a kindness at all.
  • This game made me actually feel for the characters. The tv show kinda shows everyone as being a self serving dick hole. This has been a favorite story in a game or tv show so far this year(counting 2012) I really liked everything about the game. The only negative aspects yeah, not really being able to save some of the characters you save because they just die anyway and things like that but Telltale did it so beautifully I'm okay with it. That and I couldn't read all the text options quick enough, sometimes i had to rush and just choose because with out being able to read all of them. Other than that great game. I really hope they keep up with the surviving characters of this game, at least finish Clementines story.
  • I'm really happy you guys put the game on sale again for xbox, I was waiting for that so I could play it again. :)
  • I am probably one of their greatest fans. Telltale did a very good job With the walking dead. I was probably one of the first to get the 1st episode and the rest of them. I have rated it 10/10 for their amazing effort and achievment. WELL DONE TELLTALE!!!
  • Crusher87;726971 said:
    I'll repeat what's in the (very short) start post: This is about the whole season, not about the last episode!
    wow, I couldn't write it better myself. Good job. :o
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