how does this game compare to The Walking Dead

I'm looking for games that have a really amazing story and similar game mechanics such as: having choices affect the game, conversation trees, cinematic gameplay etc. I've also been interested in playing BTTF because I'm a huge fan of the films and I liked the demo and I also loved the premise of the story. How does it compare to Walking Dead? One thing I noticed is how there is no cursor like in Walking Dead. It really bothered me but maybe it's because I've gotten used to Walking Dead and I suppose I'll get used to it.


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    Back To The Future is a point-and-click adventure, so it has more puzzle elements instead of action elements. You can't die in Back To The Future and you there's no timer to most of the game.
    Everyone has their own opinion about this game. I think it's awesome, but that's mostly because I am a HUGE fan of the Back To The Future series. I think this could easily be the fourth Back To The Future movie if done right. So, I see this game as an interactive movie.
    As a standalone adventure game, I don't think it's as good as other point-and-click games. It's not really comparable to The Walking Dead, as it's just a whole different game.
    Since you say you're a BTTF fan, I can totally recommand this game.
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    It doesn't have any choices affecting your game like The Walking Dead (TWD was Telltale's first game to do that, at least outside of a minor choice that slightly affects the end of the last episode like Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Jurassic Park: The Game).

    It does have a really amazing story in my opinion (it's a real mind-bender that stretches the rules of the Back to the Future universe to the limit (but never breaks them), even more so than Back to the Future Part II, so opinions are even more mixed about it than the many mixed opinions about BTTF2). Bob Gale (the co-creator of Back to the Future) was involved in the story sessions during the making of this game, so it does feel like Back to the Future (I agree with JordyLicht that it could be adapted into a solid 4th entry of the film series with a few edits to get rid of some of the more adventurey puzzles that are commonplace in adventure games but wouldn't work in a film).

    And it does have conversation trees (that's a staple of adventure games, and all of Telltale's games have them (well, with the exception of Telltale's few non-adventures like the poker games).

    It's also quite cinematic (Telltale's been striving for that since the beginning. Even Bone: Out From Boneville (Telltale's first adventure game) has elements of cinematic choreography.

    Be aware though that it's a very casual adventure game. The difficulty of the puzzles are about equal to those in The Walking Dead, which was also a casual adventure game, or more accurately a casual adventure game with action elements. There are no action elements in Back to the Future. The end-of-episode puzzles do manage to capture the feel of the action sequences in the Back to the Future movies though (in my opinion), even without any action gameplay.

    If you liked the demo, you'll most likely like the full set of episodes. Episodes two and three are about on par with episode one (which I found to be enjoyable), and I felt like it bogged down a bit in episode 4, but the finale makes up for it in my opinion (the finale was my favorite episode of the season. I really enjoyed the story in this one, and it had the best puzzles of the season too).

    It's not as good of a game as The Walking Dead (if we get a season two of Back to the Future: The Game (as Christopher Lloyd hinted at in his appearance at the FanExpo in Canada), hopefully Telltale will implement some of the good things they learned making TWD), but I found it to be enjoyable and worth the asking price.
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    If you already played TWD this game won't be so action packed.
    I played BTTF first and then TWD and I'm glad I did it in that order.
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    TBH i bought al BTTF episodes after TWD i played episode 1 from BTTF and wasn't really interested i have the other 4 but i just can't bring myself to play them
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    I preferred BTF to The walking dead because I do like puzzle solving and point and clicks to QTE's, I'm also a big BTF fan
    If you liked he Demo the game stays of the same quality
    If you love BTF and liked TWD then you will like the game
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    BTTF is a very nice game with easy puzzles and an amazing history to the fans of the movies.
    Walking Dead is more like an interactive movie. You don't do much, just watch the history! And the history is great, I cried in the end, but know what to expect.
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