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How old are you? (just those playing TWD)

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Hi, I just would to know how old you are ?
I want to know that I'm the oldest one that playing this game ?

I'm 23
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  • I'm 13. I know that sounds young, but this game just blew me away and touched me in a way that nothing has before. I have tried to get most of my friends into it, however unfortunately most of them aren't interested in it (except for one of my friends). After playing the game, I decided to start reading the comics (something I haven't done since I was like six) and watch the tv show (and I rarely watch TV). Still, the video game has a special place in my heart which nothing else has, and is definitely my favorite of the three. I can't wait for season 2! Including, "The Walking Dead" has made me a zombie-addict ;)!
  • 45.

    And late to the party as usual. :)
  • Eh, I think the game's appropriate for different kids. There are some 13-year-olds who have been through worse stuff than people twice their age. Even if they haven't had a hard life, maturity does NOT come with age. It could be that I allow my first daughter to play TWD at 12, and my other at 15. It all depends on the person, in my opinion. :P

    But I do agree - I've been surprised. I thought that we were all my age or older. Not that I expect youngins to be immature or rude, but the kids on these boards do seem to be truly insightful. :)

    And StrongBrush1, I love you! lol! I have been so curious about seeing ages side-by-side, but I'm rather lazy when it comes to those sorts of things! I really appreciate the chart! x3
  • I'm 13 i know i'm young but i recently discovered the amazing telltale comunity after playing trough episode 3 i discovered these forums and these days i really just lurk around these forums the entire day.While playing trough the game i was mature enough to realize how sad some of the moments were and i even cryed 3 times during the game .
    1.When DOUG(yes i saved Doug) got shot.
    2.when burying the kid from the attic with his dog
    3.And the ending

    Sorry for going a bit off topic :p
  • 13.
    I also would like to point out here that everyone is actually nice to people younger their age, and not bashing them with "GEET OUTA HEEERE"
    That's nice, I guess :)
  • 26, and i got a bunch of friends in the mid 20s aswell, who arent really into videogames, but loved this game aswell.

    Started out on the NES in the late 80s.
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    18 and Legal.

    Also, I just took the time to create this chart based on your responses:


    That's cool, Thanks
    Would you mind if I add this to first post by your name?
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