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Walking Dead Lag on non 4GB Slim

posted by jonnyMAGNUM on - last edited - Viewed by 570 users
I just purchased a copy of The Walking Dead after finally finding one and got home only to see all this commotion about lagging. Sure enough, I popped in my game, there's no option to install to hard drive and I'm getting the lag issue everyone else is complaining about. I would be okay with getting a downloadable code for the episodes (I have already bought episode one previously), but my console ISN'T a 4GB Slim 360. I have an old white, non-slim console with a 120GB hard drive. How, then, are you going to compensate me for the issues with the gameplay? The game is virtually unplayable and quite frankly, I'm pissed. With winning so many awards, I would think that a retail release of the game would be compatible on all systems.

Please respond with some sort of attempt at compensation.
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