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Whose death made you so emotional?

posted by ZombieBlaster on - last edited - Viewed by 5.3K users
A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • Mine is Ben, I can not explain why this death affected me, as I was the one who dropped him. But as you see him fall, and eventually teared apart by walkers. It was awful, I would of much rathered sent him off much quicker, but I do not regret killing him, as I feel he redeemed his mistakes by deciding it would best if I left him. To be honest I didn't particularly like Ben, nor did I dislike him I just thought of him as a careless teenager but even the music as you look away is saddening much more than any previous death ( I have yet to play episode 5 having just completed episode 4.)
  • Lee. With Clem the gunshot and then dark. I dropped the controller
    and declared this the best game I have ever played. Then the credit
    song kicked in. Good games wow you with visuals. Better games
    have challenging gameplay. Great games elicit an emotional response
    that you'll want to tell others about. Telltale please don't disappoint
    with season 2.
  • Lee . it was really hard for me...
  • bballman96;757239 said:
    100% Carley. I expected Katjaa's death. Carley's was too sudden. And to add salt to the wound, Carley was your one true friend. Everyone else vascillated b/w kind and douchebag (except Clem, Duck and Katjaa).
    One true pairing. If both Lee and carley survived I bet they'd marry and raise Clem. Would've been heartwarming to see that. ( considering most wanted that)
  • Everyone who has put Carley I hate you so much it's unbelievable.


    It would have to be Lee's. I cried for a damn hour. LITERALLY.
  • Game: Carley
    TV: Merle

    The Walking Dead has that effect on people!
  • As Clem said "Don't Go..." fuck... I was done... if you know what I mean, hands all wet... and stuff. That music in the background was so great too, and the ending theme didn't exactly help my feelings, I was crying like a damn bitch, but I'm man enough to admit that... But Lee's death is not up for vote in the poll so I have to go with Duck's death, for the reasons SeriousScar and Mornai gave some posts earlier.
  • Ben & Ken.
    Phil_TWD;781409 said:
    Some people haven't seen the episode yet! :O
  • JakeSt123;781436 said:
    Ben & Ken.

    Some people haven't seen the episode yet! :O
    Hence why it's blocked out. Also, I don't think people realise that there are different release dates for TV shows based on region. The only time you realise are times like this where people see it, post spoilers, and the people who can't see it yet get annoyed.
  • JakeSt123;781436 said:
    Ben & Ken.

    Some people haven't seen the episode yet! :O
    Okay, but this is the spoiler section after all.
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