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  • I only care about Metal Gear if Snake is involved.

    So, I'm dealing into this thread.

    EDIT: Just had an orgasm. Although some of that trailer is brilliant Kojima nonsense.
  • Surely Nano machines can make Solid Snake young again. They can do anything!
  • Also, Kojima gets points for using one of the best bands of all time, Garbage.
  • Was that Ocelot on the horse?
  • coolsome;781392 said:
    Was that Ocelot on the horse?
    That's what I was trying to figure out, it's like everyone's immortal.
  • DAISHI;781395 said:
    Well the trailer did say two phantoms were born so that would be Solid and Liquid, I'm thinking, as well as a timeframe when a younger Ocelot could be in play.
    He better still have the hots for Big Boss.



    At the end this pops up for a split second! I wonder if this is just referring to V in MGS5 or something else?
  • Sadly, the good news is balanced by some bad news.
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