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Why every bitten guy will die in TWD

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This is a question for me.Why if someone got bitten there is no way to save him like Lee.If you CUT his arm that wont affect so is there only ONE f**ing way to save them?????
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  • I believe that Lee cut it off too late. In the comics and the show, they both had to amputate immediately for the people to survive. (Even then, some died due to blood loss and infection from the amputation itself.)

    There is some speculation that Kenny will be alive in S2, after amputating his arm. (I say some, because some think he's utterly dead, some think he got bit but amputated, some think he didn't get bit at all.)
  • It's entirely possible to save someone by cutting off the bitten limb. The only reason it didn't work on Lee was because it had spread too far by the time anyone thought of doing it. They waited a good 5-10 minutes, and then the time that Lee was passed out in the morgue, to amputate. If they had done it immediately, Lee would still be alive, provided blood loss didn't finish what the bite started.
  • The diseases which kill you from a bite are not some almost supernatural made up viruses like the actual reanimation zombie virus, but just normal diseases which are highly resistant to antibiotics, akin to the superbugs in hospitals. But even superbugs can be cured, and so can the bite diseases, technically. I think the only reason it hasn't happened in the Walking Dead is because even if you had a fully staffed Hospital treating you, it would still take time yo identify the diseases, find an effective treatment, and keep you alive until they are cured. With the very short incubation period and quick death, it would be nearly impossible for you to be cured after the downfall of civilisation.

    Unless of course you cut off the infected area before it can spread to the rest of the body.
  • It must be amputated immediately.

    Lee's walk to Vernon's place must've taken some time, time to let natural diseases (No zombie disease that turns ppl to walkers) spread throughout Lee.
  • Lee already started showing symptoms right before they decided to cut it off, which means there was no way to get him out of it. It made him not pass out as much, but it has to be done immediately, the moment after the bite. That's what they did with Dale in the comics and Hershel in the TV series, and it worked. :o
  • No man. I mean, after the amputation Lee really don't faint until the store. I've never seem that in an infected, losing blood and being infected? He'd of died faster, or at least fainted MORE. Lee did take awhile to cut it off though... It just makes no sense in the long run. Lee showed symptoms of fever, but considering he cut his arm off and the walkers are kicking who knows what, he could have gotten anything inside of him. That and the morgue floors/tables shouldn't be the cleanest things in the world.

    I'm just saying for an infected guy, with his arm off he had less problems when he should have had more. If he died of anything when you cut his arm off, it was fever/bloodloss/exhaustion,starvation,dehydration/bites in the alley.

    Also, Dale was infected, the cannibals removed his leg to eat it, not save dale lol. Dale died there.

    I just hope there is a POSSIBILITY for him to survive, but I know I'm asking too much.
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