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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • I put other for the last person to die in the game... R.I.P...
  • Was this thread made before episode 4? There are a few dead people not on the poll.
  • When I saw Lee,s death,I was thinking about it all the day and I could not stop thinking about it.:(:(
  • Lee
  • Its not a simple question to answer, they were all good at getting a different emotional reaction from me.

    For sadness: Lee saying goodbye to Clem, Kenny standing over Kats body and realising we still have to deal with Duck, horrible moments.

    For Guilt: Dropping Ben, Having to leave Doug.

    For Shock: Carley, Also the horror of Mark's death, i was pretty sure he was dead, but never expected the true horror.

    Overall which got the biggest reaction from me? I would have to say Carley. I lost probably my favourite character in an instant, no chance to say goodbye, no heroism. She was murdered suddenly and pointlessly, it still hurts a little even now.

    Lee is obvious choice, but i knew what was coming from that bite scene, i always suspected the arm chop had come too late, and i knew i was going to have to explain it to clem, and so i was braced for it and battle hardened by everything that had happened to get this far. Still a close second.

    This forum is therapy for me :p
  • THE ST JOHN BROTHERS??? Hahaha who voted for these people,i didn't enjoy Ducks death as i treated him more special as he was a child.
  • Where is LEE on this LIST, WTF IS THIS? RIP LEE!
  • Lees was more sad then the others
  • The Fallen;781706 said:
    This forum is therapy for me :p
    I agree to that lol
  • *Carley will remember that*
    Great for shock value, but it kind of ruined the game for me, because it just made it seem so depressingly linear. This is a game about choices, but your choices don't really matter: you can never save Dough or Carley, you can't save Duck, you can't save Katjaa, you can't save Mark, the game gives you plenty of choices but in the end it ends up the same. No matter what happens, by the time you find Omar and Christa: Katjaa, Duck, Carley, Doug, Larry, and Mark will be dead. Lilly will be MIA (hopefully dead). You will always come to that point in the game when it's just you, Clem, Ben, Kenny, and that hobo guy (I forget his name).
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