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SBCG4AP release dates announced!

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Update! Episode 1, Homestar Ruiner, will be available Worldwide on the PC and on WiiWare in the US on Monday, August 11. The release on WiiWare for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will follow very soon thereafter.

The best news of all is that we have opened up preorders for SBCG4AP for the PC! You can find out more at
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  • Hey tabacco, do YOU think it will come out on the 11th? If not do you think in august?
  • Tandy 400;78143 said:
    NOOOOOO! We were so close to becoming the most pointless thread on the forum!!

    In all seriousness, I think a release date discussion thread is pointless. People are just going to find stupid published speculation or make their own speculation and pass it off as the actual release date. So a new thread won't really help new users find info about the game. It just refreshed the page for spammers.

    But I suppose something like that is nessicary to retards can vent their frustration about the fact that it's not out yet and how they're going to kill theirself.

    Done now. :)
    I think there's more to it than that. There's no other way to avoid a billion and two release date threads being made. If there's a big damn announcement right at the top of the page saying "WE DON'T HAVE A RELEASE DATE STOP ASKING," it wouldn't stop the threads. Having a stickied thread for the purpose seems to stop some. There have been a few, but it's not like the entire front page is "WHY ISN'T THE GAME OUT RAAAAHHH" threads. I've seen places get like that... not fun.
  • *sigh* I'm not surprized by delays anymore. Once I get a release date. That's when I'll be surprized.
  • I bet SBCG4AP will come out next Monday!
    On the trailer on the nintendo channel
    SB walks past a calender that says 12 on it.
    That would be ...Tuesday...
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The calendar's said the 12th on it since our original tech demo. Good eye, though.
  • This game will be boss no matter what date this game comes out.:)
  • I'm guessing a Monday 11th release then, if you'll be announcing soon. :)
  • I think that asking about when episode one will come out seems overdone. the thing pressing on my mind is, can we still expect a new episode once every month after the first episode? or are we looking at a month and a half or something like that.
  • will it be 1000 points? yes it's a VERY, VERY obvious question, but I want to know for sure so I can get Zelda:D
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