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Need Inverted Controls Option

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I am not sure what is wrong with my brain but I have to be able to invert the up/down settings on video games. I am sure there are many others like me who push up on the right stick and expect the cursor to plummet to the bottom of the screen and if it doesn't, we pause our brand new game and fix this in the options menu. Some of you may go further and actually look for this option before even launching the game. So why is it that The Walking Dead game does not have this simple option?
Does Telltale not understand how crippling not having this option is to someone like me? I watched all the trailers and the "Playing Dead" episodes before trying the demo. I was blown away by the whole concept only to be left deflated when I assumed control of Lee and couldn't maneuver him properly. I kept thinking "uh oh, what's going to happen when I have to fend off a zombie in a split second?" Sure enough I found my self frantically focusing on the controls instead of frantically focusing on Lee's survival.
I see the potential and to me the game looks and feels stunning. It is truly a comic book brought to life but instead of being immersed in the beautifully crafted world I am all consumed in trying to make the cursor go where I desperately want it to go. So, please Telltale, if you are reading this, please put in a simple patch to fix this huge issue for those of us that are "axis challenged". I want to love playing this game as much as you loved making it. Please....
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  • I've never understood the need for inverted controls, but hey, it shouldn't be that hard to program those into a game, so I guess I can support people who want them.
  • Jordy... Good thing you are not a pilot then :D

    Glad I only download the first ep when it was offered for free on the Xbox Marketplace.
  • Played through the whole game and liked it. But the lack of inverted Y axis really threw me off. I can't imagine why anyone would leave such a basic option out of a game. I'll still buy the sequel, but I hope Telltale will make that one small adjustment to an otherwise great game!
  • I just saw the announcement of Season 2 and there is NO WAY I'll be buying the sequel after getting burned by such a basic oversight in the first game.

    Tell Tale should be so ashamed of themselves over this for A) leaving inversion out in the first place & B) Completely failing to patch it even though they said to media critics when asked that they would.

    I look at the inverted/non-inverted issue as similar to a left-handed/right-handed one. No one really knows why they are left/right-handed, they just are and there is no way that the vast majority of us could just switch to say writing with the wrong hand without negative consequences. It feels wrong, it feels uncomfortable, it induces a lot of mistakes, its simply non fun.
  • I'll post the here as well, and leave a few more thoughts...

    Without the ability to invert the y-axis this game goes from an Awesome game to a BAD game. And I say that because the game is also very glitchy as well. I can overlook just about all the glitches I've come across, but not having the ability to play the game because the controls don't work make it the most frustrating game I've ever played.

    I feel sorry for those of you who bought it and run into this issue. I'm just playing this on my roommates PS3 and would want my money back because I feel the game is broken.

    As for patching the game: it "should" be a simple fix. I come from a background in software development and with this many angry customers this issue would be considered a "bug". Now I don't know how things work at Telltale Games, but at my company when we log a bug in the system it is usually patched in the next update. Also this should be a very easy bug to patch as it would just be converting a positive number to a negative number and vice versa.
  • I think it's sad that telltale made such a great game that alot of people can't enjoy because of such a small yet important feature i feel sorry for you people that couldn't play :(
  • no answers?? why is that?? why is so hard to release a patch?? any stupid programmer could do that, I am sure.

    I am so pissed, I bought the whole season and can't play
  • Just created an account to post on this momentous occasion: the first game in 1st person I've ever played in the last 20+ years of gaming to not offer an inverted y-axis.

    I'm actually still trying to wrap my mind around it. Here's my experience with the game thus far:

    "Hmmmm, I'd like to relax for a bit and finally check out Telltale's Walking Dead game. I've been looking forward to this for awhile."

    - Start game and begin story

    - Game tells me to look around. Ok, start looking around and realize I need to invert y-axis to play. No biggie, standard fare so far.

    - Go to control menu and see no options. Go to gameplay menu and see no option. Start to think I've overlooked the option in one of the menus. Comb through the menus to find the option. No option......really?

    - Decide to play the game anyway with backwards control scheme.

    - Making a bit of progress with the change, but am starting to realize I'm entirely more focused on forcing the controls than following the story or enjoying the gameplay.

    - Then I meet the zombies...old control instincts kick in, can't compensate in time, eaten by a zombie.

    - More zombies, control instincts kick in, can't compensate in time, eaten by a zombie.

    - More zombies, control instincts kick in, can't compensate in time, eaten by a zombie.

    - Realized I haven't had a single bit of fun, wasn't about to in a significant amount of time, even started feeling a little nauseous, and turned the game off.

    I'm sure this sums up the experience of many gamers, especially ones who have been playing for decades. I can only think of two scenarios for how this could happen. Either it's an oversight, or it's a joke. If it's an oversight, how have they not fixed this after a year-long thread and 300+ posts? If it's a joke, how have they not realized that it's not funny anymore?

    I'm not quite sure what Telltale is trying to accomplish by sticking to their guns with the whole no-invert thing. Are they attempting to blaze a new path into an invert-free gaming universe? If they are, I doubt any other developers would jump on board any time soon, since, you know, it alienates a significant portion of their potential gamers. No, really, at this point, the developer can only come across as either incompetent or obstinate. Neither trait is likely to win over my loyalty any time soon.

    That's too bad, cause the game looked like it had potential. I probably would've been interested in a sequel too, but I tend to avoid developers prone to serious design flaws.
  • Today I heard about the new new DLC episode "400 Days," coming to The Walking Dead: The Game.

    But before I get excited... I check to see if the invert option has finally been patched for the original game.

    And seriously can't believe this still hasn't been addressed in over a year. Nothing.

    I want to play the game, I want to give you $ for all five episodes, but yet you ignore all the players that are waiting for an inverted option, let alone all those people that didn't know before buying the game.

    Not great business practice.
  • You guys complain about a nonshoter game with no inverted option?
    You guys complain that up dont go down and down dont go up?
    You play this game with a airplane jostick? i dont think so.

    Even my brother that invert controls for fps games dont find any problem in finish this entire game, cause he dont need it, theres no reason to be upset cause you dont have to go targeting things fast as in action games.

    give this post a break really
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