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Did you Tell Katjaa About Kenny?

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(Sorry if this is a repeat) i have watched the stats for episode 3 on this website and i noticed that one of the choices they didnt show was if you told or denied to tell katjaa about what happened in the meat locker. Do the poll and post why u chose!
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  • I had already chosen to be honest about the senator, so I figured I'd go ahead and tell her what happened in the meat locker since Kenny obviously didn't say anything about it to her. I also thought that she wouldn't be happy with me if I chose not to tell her.
  • I didn't tell her since I didn't think it was in my place to do so, and I'd figured that I'd make my friendship with Kenny even worse if I talked about what he did to his wife behind his back. I felt that Katjaa should have been asking Kenny himself, and not Lee.

    I was surprised when she had thought that I did it though.
  • I told her. I thought she deserved to know what really went down. Hell, I think the whole group needed to know and just draw their own opinions of it. I would have even told Ben, if I had the chance.
  • I think katjaa never really wanted to know what kenny did. Because she knew all of the different possibilities
  • I told her.

    She deserves the truth of Kenny's action, and I was hoping it would at least make Kenny regret his actions a bit.
  • I told her. Important to stay honest with each other...
  • I told her my first playthrough, though I regretted it. I felt like she hated me for it. That and I felt like I had turned Kenny against me...
  • I didn't want to tell her, but I did since I thought she deserved to know why the tension between Kenny and Lilly built up since they went to the dairy .___.
  • I did, but kinda regretted since I figured Kenny would kill me if he found out. It's just kind of hard to say no to Katjaa. Wish Lee had at least velvet gloved it a bit.

    "Kenny...gave Larry far more than his daily recommend allotment of sodium."
  • I tell her every time. She deserves to know what happened and if Kenny doesn't have the stones to tell her I will.
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