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Saints Row: The Third. What Sam & Max should be?

posted by Merlynn on - last edited - Viewed by 4.3K users
If you've played Saints Row 3,and I know *I* have,you might have noticed some things. Like how cartoonish the violence can be,how nonsensical the story is sometimes,and how,with a little imagination,the whole thing can be turned into something altogether funnier.

Imagine,if you will,Sam & Max in a sandbox style city. They have the DeSoto to drive around in. They can go anywhere in the city they want to. Now imagine instead of a "weapon wheel",you have a "box o' stuff". Imagine going to a crime scene,going into "investigation mode" and looking over stuff in a point and click style hunt for clues. Imagine Max doing a take down on a suspect,cuffing him,and reading him his rights as best as Sam & Max can.

Sam: You have the right to remain silent.
Max: After we break your toes,we'll see if you have the *ability* to remain silent.

Oh,several things about game play would have to be reworked,yes,but the over the top game play style and the potential for wackiness is there. What do you guys think?
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  • Respect is a 2 way street. They start respecting me and reading my posts and talking about something I haven't already covered,in great detail,I'll at least respect their statements enough to not call them blatant morons. But as each post shows no such comprehension,well,I calls 'em like I sees 'em.
  • Or you could not call them at all in any way.

    Respect is not a 2 way street. You can be smart and drop the ego, thus any insult thrown towards you (directly or indirectly) becoming futile... or you could continue your behavior and show everybody how important your point of view is behind a 2 week ban.

    Judging by your way of thinking, I hope the first option to be more to your liking. Thank you.
  • It's not about ego,it's about having the common courtesy to simply read what someone bothered to write. I don't type this up for fun. I'm trying to convey an idea here. And I really get tired of repeating myself when it's right there.
  • Lego Batman 2. It's not as fun as SR3,but hopefully it'll get the idea across since it's more cartoony.
  • Enough of this endless dickering! It's a good idea, no matter what! I mean, the cel-shaded sandbox thingy, that's all. Nothing SR3 might encourage.
  • Actually,there's tons of things to take from SR3 that'd work well in S&M.

    Car surfing,which is where I got the idea for an open world S&M game with tons of mini-games. Just jump on an occupied vehicle and wait til it starts moving,then you can enter car surf mode. Try it out and just try not to think of Sam & Max.

    Beating up random thugs. Come on,this is what Sam & Max DO! Why wouldn't they beat up on random street toughs? Just think of it in more cartoony terms.

    Horrible driving. By their own admission,not good drivers.

    Wacky weapons and vehicles. Come on,you know you want to.

    Running from the real police. They've done it before,can't really say they won't again.

    Blowing stuff up. They do this.

    This idea is beyond great. It practically writes itself.
  • SlasherMan wrote: »
    Sweet idea! That'd be pretty awesome to play :D

    How bout some L.A. Noir Sam?

    Saints row sam and max wouldn't work but...

    LA.Noir Sam is a brilliant idea

    Someone make this NOW
    I would pay £50.00 for a copy of Sam Noir
    Or just a sam mod on LA noir
  • Merlynn wrote: »

    I told you it was a great idea. Maybe next time,slow pokes.

    Damn, I totally should have realized how Sam and Max are blank caricatures without personalities that you fill in yourself, that then proceed to murder and steal things on a whim.

    You're wrong. Get over it.
  • Sam and Max has always been about the point and Clicks and the story and charming writing

    For me it isn't a sandbox game and I feel anything like that would just weaken the franchise and would be a weak re-skin of an overly done genre
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