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Just an Advertisement that we have a new RP that we are starting up occuring after the events of episode 5. You can be a RP 'Pro' or be completely new to Role Playing, everyone is welcome.
We are hoping to have it up and running within a week or two once we have enough characters to start the story.
Hopefully it can get going soon and have some good fun.


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    Cool. Are we going to start this like the old one, in which we each take control of a character?
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    The game will begin with a maximum of 2 original characters each (So we can sustain two groups)
    The idea Ive had is to begin with two survivor groups like the last one. Survivors camp and bandits.
    Characters from the game like Clem, Omid, Christa... Maybe a few more will be introduced as the story goes. Then see how it goes from there.
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    Made an account.
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    The forum design sucks as hell, and you don't have a proper domain. You have to polish everything if you want some people.
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    I know with that. I have never made something like this and the whole system is confusing. I will be polishing it up as we go. The main idea for now is to get it up and running. I am not the most versed person with making a website but with Trial and error i can promise it will be improved.

    Welcome aboard Kaserkin.
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    How many people do we need before we can start?
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    We properably have enough now. Id like one or two more, maybe a few bad guy characters.
    Just for diversity and numbers. But we are pretty close to starting it up.

    I have changed the colour scheme for now. Its very... fiddly on Proboards.
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    This thread is sort of dead isn't it? Bump.

    Also, I signed up (A few days ago actually)
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    Definitely one of the best RPs I've ever read.
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    I love this RP, whoever made it, thank you.
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    's death was the most surprising though.
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    Im in this rp its great
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    I'd like to join, but the rules are way too strict. The best part of the walking dead is watching characters who hate each other. Also, why make it so posters can't cuss? They're already 18.
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    The swearing is Proboard's policy I think. Why do you say the rules are too strict?
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    Ok, then the swearing makes sense. That was a tiny smidge, but this is just either badly worded or a terrible rule:
    6) Characters may be offensive towards each other but nothing too extreme.

    What does extreme mean? Unrealistic? That would be better, but this wording makes me feel that Kenny's hate speech followed by the "go fuck yourself" option would be far beyond the line, which it shouldn't.

    Also, a lesser problem is the paragraph rule. I usually whole-heartedly agree with this kind of rule. As long as it has some leniency. Sometimes, in these kind of things, people will ask you questions. Not big, philosophical questions, but light, discussion fillers. For things like that, you can only go so far into conversation and description so many times before you start to mindlessly repeat yourself.

    I had a lot more written, but then I realized I was just mindlessly repeating myself. Damn I hate when I rant.
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    The pargraph rule is sometimes ignored. It's mainly done so people can "read" what the others are thinking about, to give some context. I have no idea what is intended with "extreme" though.
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    If I were to join, I'd be a character who'd likely be disliked by most. And who would dislike everyone. Kinda like Larry, but without the whole "leave you for dead" part. So I'd like a more exact explanation of extreme.
  • See Kelik, he is a half antagonist. A character who pees people off is fine as long as you don't go unrealstic.

    Harpadarpa posted: »

    If I were to join, I'd be a character who'd likely be disliked by most. And who would dislike everyone. Kinda like Larry, but without the whole "leave you for dead" part. So I'd like a more exact explanation of extreme.

  • Well the 'extreme' part I believe is mean't mostly to the RP'ers of the characters. No one wants any fighting on the forums, if you know what I mean? My character can be pretty nasty and spiteful, kinda like Larry/Kenny in that sense.

    As for the paragraphs rule, you don't want someone writing BIG, BULKY messages to another character(because they interact a lot), where it becomes a regular thing. It's to try to keep things short and to the point, although there are exceptions. Description is nice, as long as it isn't overdone. No one cares about the tree sitting down the street if it doesn't play a part at all. We don't need to know how long it's feathers are. You understanding better? Explain your character's thoughts, actions, and dialogue, and get out.

    Note: I am a major example for that rule. I usually write 1-2 paragraph posts, where I describe what Kelik is doing while also talking to another person, getting his point across. He's loud and talkative, so he has a lot to say. The rules are just to be kept in mind so people don't get carried away.

    As for the cursing, it is a rule of proboards to either limit your swearing or censor it. People know what Kelik says when he goes "F*ck! What the hell are you doing, a**hole!" I really don't believe if someone can't 'connect the dots'.

    Character disliked by most? Join the club today!

  • Hahaha! Exactly xD

    See Kelik, he is a half antagonist. A character who pees people off is fine as long as you don't go unrealstic.

  • Your Welcome

    I love this RP, whoever made it, thank you.

  • Hey thanks Bioshock! It's thanks to Shrewsbury Survivor it is still up and running :P

    I love this RP, whoever made it, thank you.

  • He is a good man what can I say.

  • Hey there. I write for my homeboy Clay, Jessica, Molly, Christa and Duncan on the RP. Just want to give a big shout out to our fellow writers and encourage folks to check out all their great work. We have a terrific blend of veteran RP-ers (or whatever the proper term is) along with debut writers who have come out of the gate strong. It's thrilling, intense, occasionally funny and very compelling.

    We are happy to accept new writers as well. Part of the fun is bringing new characters in and seeing how it shapes the story. Submit your character applications to the appropriate thread and don't feel intimidated at all. No prior knowledge of role playing or even the game is necessary to join. The purpose of this is to build a community of writers to have fun, improve our skills and share our enjoyment of TWD game.

    As an admin on the RP as well, I know we would all love to hear feedback from our readers and writers alike. Any characters or story elements you particularly like? Anything that could be improved? Any way we can improve the site to be more accessible? We have a few things in the works, but we appreciate your input as well.

    And above all, thank you to Telltale Games for making one of the strongest TWD stories in years. I'm a big fan of the comics and a somewhat fan of the show (a good show but flawed), but this game invested me in a way that I have not been invested in a long time. Congrats on Season 1 and we all hope the best for Season 2. And if you ever need characters for future games....well, come browse our RP :) Hehehe!

  • singed up.

  • The story has come to a point where it is easier for people to join for any and all interested.

    I have also compiled the previous episodes into threads with the links to each thread next to them, so reading them can be easier for new readers:

    The Complete Episode 1 Thread - The Savannah Fallout

    The Complete Episode 2 Thread - Viva Las Vegas!

    STILL IN PROGRESS Episode 3 Thread - Leaving Empty Handed

    Come check the story out!

  • So for readers who have been following the RP, what have you thought about the story so far? The characters? Any suggestions on what the writers can do to improve?

  • And the story continues. Check the archives above to follow up on some great storytelling from fans like you!

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