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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • Emotional ws Duck. But the death that hit me the most was Carley. Mainly because she was my favorite character in the game and wanted to see more of her.

    I actually stopped playing for the longest time because I was so annoyed that we couldn't save her no matter what we did. By far the most shocking but would've preferred someone else dying in the scene
  • HNKenshiro;663627 said:
    a toss up between Carley and Duck.
  • Does relief count? Because if so, Ben and Duck.

    Couldn't stand the latter's nails on chalkboard voice; I'm positive that the good folks who make Excedrin bribed Telltale to include Duck to sell pills.

  • Other then Lee's death it's a tossup between Carley and Ben.

    At the time of Carley's death she was one of my favorite characters and she was murdered for no good reason.

    A lot of people don't like Ben because of how many times he messed up and indirectly hurt/killed other characters, but the way he died was probably the most horrific to me.
  • Murasaki;663822 said:
    When she died, I immediately said "No way!" and restarted the scene thinking there would be an alternative way. If anything, it serves to highlight the limitations of this type of video game.
    Carleys' death is chocking,:eek: and I just wanted to immediately kill Lilly ! but what makes the most anger is that there's no way to prevent Lilly from shoting her !! :mad:And THAT is nonsense :confused:! Because the basic of that game actually is that the choices and decision you make lead the way that your adventure happens ! So, where the hell are the decisions that can make us save Carley or just make her not be shot by Lilly on that road, that night, at that moment ?!!! That game should give us the feeling that "Hey, I am in the story, I have the power of decision ! it's great !". But actually, with Carley's death, you just feel like you dont have any power of decision !!!

    It would be VERY usefull that Tell Tale Just explain us WHY they did it like that. I think many of us would really want to understand the aim of Tell Tale about Carleys' death. :confused:
  • rivonirina;789270 said:
    It would be VERY usefull that Tell Tale Just explain us WHY they did it like that. I think many of us would really want to understand the aim of Tell Tale about Carleys' death. :confused:
    Edit:Here we go:
    Jake;784988 said:
    It feels (to me at least) like Lee had power over the things he would realistically have power over, and is frustrated by the things he can't change. We don't want players to feel cheated, but we also don't want them to feel like they are the all-powerful gods of the universe who can change the story and other characters to do whatever they want. In real life would "pouring affection" into someone guarantee that they do what you want? I don't think so! Only in video games is that allowed, and it starts to fall apart if you want to have NPCs who act more like real people, with their own wills and whims separate from yours.

    It's a balancing act for us, for sure -- how much does your will as the player actually change the course of other characters and the plot -- and I won't say that where Season One landed is perfect. We have a long way to go and a lot more to work with to get that balance and feeling right. There's always room to improve and to try new things. The Wolf Among Us pushes this in new directions which I think you'll find exciting, and of course with future Walking Dead games we will be playing with and tweaking how the player's balance of power works. We won't be going back and re-doing Season One, though!

    Personally i think it's good to have some events like this. Just as in life, you can't control everything, and there are going to be situations that you can't prevent. I wouldn't want to feel like a god who had complete dominion over everyone's lives and decided when people would live or die.

    It would have been nice to have a little more effect on the situations where we did get to choose a decision, but maybe those will have an effect on Season 2 in some way.
  • Carley raping the poll, fuck yeah!
  • ZeroShoot;781411 said:
    As Clem said "Don't Go..." fuck... I was done... if you know what I mean, hands all wet... and stuff. That music in the background was so great too, and the ending theme didn't exactly help my feelings, I was crying like a damn bitch, but I'm man enough to admit that... But Lee's death is not up for vote.
    This x9001
  • The saddest and most emotional was Lee's death, later Kenny and Ben. Most shocking death which filled me with anger afterwards was Carleys.
  • why Lee not on this listen wtf
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