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Which episode you liked more and which episode you hated more in TWD?

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1.I liked episode 2 more than the other episodes because It had a great story and there was many hard choices in it.

2.I hated episode 5 because your choices (like cutting Lee,s arm) did not affect.

This is my idea:

1.episode 2 (the best)
2.episode 4
3.episode 3
4.episode 1
5.episode 5 (the worst)

Please VOTE!
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  • 1.Episode 2
    2.Episode 1
    3.Episode 3
    4.Episode 5
    5.Episode 4
  • I loved episode 2. The choices were all great, i enjoyed the pacing of the episode. The atmosphere was perfect throughout and i personally preferred the group composition as it was then. I wish that had lasted a little longer.

    I cant say i hated any of the episodes though. All of them clearly very well made with some great moment. If i had to choose though i'd go for 3, simply because as i said i really liked the group dynamic that got destroyed that episode. Not to say it wasn't a fantastic work of art, it produced some of the seasons most shocking moments, but i hold a personal grudge against it. :p
  • 1. Episode 5 - Epic (no, epic is no over overstatement here) ending, for an epic game, first game ever to make me cry, even after watching the ending for the 10th time.
    2. Episode 3 - Because of the great, melancholic atmosphere, and due to the great moments with Clem (teaching to shoot, cutting hair etc.).
    3. Episode 2 - Because, except for the Episode 2 finale, world seemed normal, and it was great seeing everybody relaxed, especially when knowing what is to come yet.
    4. Episode 4 - Some of the toughest choices I had to make, took place here, and I regret so many of them....
    5. Episode 1 - It's not "bad" it is just... not as epic as the Episodes above, in my opinion.

    But if I had to rate each one of them it'd be like this: E1 9.3 E2 9.5 E3 9.7 E4 9.6 and E5 9.8 - I consider them as a whole game.

    I decided to give reasons, so people could see, why I chose what I chose, I hope, that's not a problem.
  • Episode 3 was the best. It was the episode which ended character arcs, and started other ones. The score for the overall episode was awesome too.

    I didn't like episode 4. To me, it had a shortage of human drama. The entire episode just screamed zombie action to me.
  • 1. Episode 3-Represented the lack of hope and how you can't change someone's fate no matter what you do REALLY well and Episode 5-The only time I actually almost cried because of a game.
    2. Episode 4-Unlike a lot of people I really liked this one, the Ben choice was one of tthe most intersting moments of the game and Imloved Molly.
    3. Episode 2-I don't like this one as much as other people because it's kinda predictable IMO. The best thing about it is the Larry choice.
    4. Episode 1-It was just kind of boring and the choices were kind of lackluster.
  • Episode 2
    Episode 4
    Episode 1
    Episode 5
    Episode 3

    In that order :P
  • in order:

    Episode 5- the ending made me cry. so yeah.
    Episode 3
    Episode 2
    Episode 4
    Episode 1

    none were bad.
  • 5->3->4->2->1

    Loved five because it was epic, three because i liked the scenery and it was heartbreaking, and the rest, well...i don't know, just enjoyed them at about the same levels.
  • Definetly episode 2. None of the episodes were bad, 2 just stands out.
  • 5>2>3>4>>>>>>>>>>1
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