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All Poker Night Poker Names

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
From deep within the Telltale files, a classic thing: All the poker names in Poker Night at the Inventory.

This was recently unearthed and seemed worth sharing. Player Names in Poker Night were awarded based on a combination of your wins versus losses, measured against how long you had been playing. I think that not every name was even seen, but most of these crack me up:

Paws Hogg, Poker Pro
Ace Ginger, Stunt Pilot
Rake Frechman, Money Aficionado
Max Ides: The Middling Killer

Ziggy Flophouser
Remy Rebuy, The Optimist
Dame Olive Cardpalm
Artie Flopshark, Deceased

Chet Chester, Cheddar Checker
Chin "The Chilla Chin" Chiller
Suzy Sideking
Hamilton "Short" Stacks

Poorpockets McNewhols
“Leaky" Milkstraw
Bobo Woodcoin
Mickey Mensch The Pocket Padder
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  • Hmm. I never thought about how many names there were. Then again, with my poker skills (or lack thereof) I was permanently Dame Olive Cardpalm. :p

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Haha. I loved the overall small details of Poker Night.
  • I got "Ace Ginger, Stunt Pilot" a few times but I tend to get "Max Ides: Middling Killer" more often than not.

    What's really annoying is I've started playing it a lot again lately and the savegame must keep getting corrupted because I end up back on zero. Hell, I never quit part-way through a tournament and earlier this week, I loaded it up and I was playing Max as the last char standing. I won and it said on the stats I'd only beaten 1 player and only played in 1 tournament, which I won. This can't be right, surely?

    So is it just my system or is this savegame corruption common to anyone else?
  • Jake wrote: »
    From deep within the Telltale files, a classic thing: All the poker names in Poker Night at the Inventory.

    This was recently unearthed and seemed worth sharing.

    "Recently unearthed" info from the first game and now the PN2 items for TF2. I wonder if the two incidents are related?
  • Thanks for sharing these. Before I lost my save with everything unlocked, I think I settled at Max Ides, which... I guess meant that I sucked in the long term? Haha.

    Always fun to have the little details come up.
  • This is a great list to see. Like others I used to be in the same boat near Olive Cardpalm or Middling Ides, but after the latest save game corruption, I've been replaying a lot in the Steam Version and am staying right at Poker Pro. (Possibly because I finally figured out how to read the AI in every circumstance, making it far easier to beat them. It's really quite simple once you understand the pattern of how they bet.)
  • Awesome, I can get them added to the Poker Night Wiki when I've got my studies out of the way. Or if anyone wants to beat me to it that's cool too.
  • I seem to have settled on Ace Ginger, although if I do particularly bad I drop down to Rake Frechman. I think there might be a connection with the total percentage of hands you win across all games, since I've noticed I flip-flop between those two names when I have an overall hand win rate of 30%.
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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni
    Now that PN2 has been officially announced, it's my pleasant duty to inform one and all that there are almost THREE TIMES as many names available in Poker Night 2, each one painstakingly handcrafted by a not-at-all-drunk professional game writer operating under a nearly-blown deadline.

    Silently wishing we had time to do caricatures of all of them,
    Mike "Taking a Breather" Stemmle
  • Looking forward to it! Well, I'll ask for one spoiler, and one spoiler alone if it's all right with you.

    Is Artie Flopshark, Deceased still in there? That one's my favorite. He has an enduring legacy.
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